RE: Young Master

RE: Young Master

by Fate Trickster

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content


He was the best player in the world. Not "one of" but the very best and he knew it. Disease left him bedridden but in Zenith Online he was the Boss, The Big Boss. He was no King nor an Emperor. He didn't have to be. The Big Boss and his gang "The Caelesti Famiglia" dominated the game.

In the end the ailment that tormented him his whole life reaped it as well.

So ends the Tales of the Big Boss... in Zenith. 

“What the fuck is going on?”

I'm alive? 




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Oh boy my first review, here it goes.

I gotta admit I am a sucker for system novels, even though it's too early to tell right now I feel like this will be a big hit.

The only thing I have a problem with is that the original guy was an asshole and after the mc comes everybody was like ''OK he changed so what?''

It's still pretty good though definitely check it out.


Good story, Keep it up.

  • Keep it up. Good story uptill now, I hope you continue. 

 Awesome Story, great writing style I really like where this is going.


Disappointing and hard to keep reading

I don't really understand why this is rated so highly by so many.  The idea was sort of interesting but so much of the martial arts aspect of wuxia type novels is totally absent in this.  He uses guns to easily gain points and even gains points from his food to buy cheat abilities.  He doesn't work hard or cultivate or anything and easily gains whatever he wants.  

The world feels small despite it being sci fi and made up of multiple worlds but I barely have any feeling of what the area around where he is is like and it feels like there are maybe three or four people in the whole world, the mc, Lisa, and maybe the blacksmith guy.  We never see his family or hear about where they are or what they are doing.  

Everything is just entirely too easy for him and I found it tiresome to keep reading.  Oh I want to do this ok get a gun shoot something it's dead and now I get what I want.  NO real excitement or worry for the MC.  It just feels so superficial and empty.  I just don't get why so many like this novel so much.  I think the concept could work but I think that the author should concentrate on a simpler concept first and get more experience with just wuxia or just sci fi before trying to combine them.  

A system is fine if it is paired with some kind of work to get the points in the first place.  And I don't mean you get cheat skill right off the bat and one shot everything.  Having a MC slowly struggle and really fight to grow makes it so much more satisfying when they do something cool.  Watch the Gabriell character from "Xena warrior Princess" for an excellent example.  There are other good ones like Randidly from "The Legend of Randidly Ghosthound" he gets some advantages but he legitimately works and trains extremely hard to get better.


The story is really good and it slightly deviates from the norm. I have also not noticed any grammatical errors. Overall a great start to a promising novel. 


Loving this story please keep up the good work.

Ash Satols

Well i cant say what this story turns out to be, but i can sure say that i am gonna enjoy it.I found this story very appealing as i am a sucker for system based novels plus its one of those stories with new concepts to xuanhuan other than the standard trash talent turned peerless novels it's not that i hate em but when you put a system into a cultivation world it turns bland but i can say this a gem as it didnt gave me that feel.Well good luck with the work as i will be waiting for more exciting future releases, IMA OUT ;).


 good story with good grammar what more do you want?

Hacked Anonnymus

Yeh so.. so far its.. good? Dont know.. I mean, the grammar is good, at least I havent found any shit in dat, character score I cant rate it cause I have only readed 3 chapters (the only chapter i can read for the moment)

Although the style and story score is.. well.. shit.

I mean, in a sci fi or futuristic or a world with alot of planets need more science.. I think so.. and a wall is enough to stop people from ground.. and there are no planes, even though there are planets and galaxies to conquer... Its a bit messed.. I dont think its a great story but if it has so many followers I cant say its a trashy story either so...

Personal opinion: Shitty, I dont like it..

Other opinion: There are lot of dudes that read it so read it and ya see if u continue .d


The story is still in its infancy and so nothing definite can be said as of now. Howeever based on the chapters that has been released so far ( ch 6 ) the story is fun to read, has a good pace and a MC who doesnt have shit for brains. Absolutely loving it so far and cant wait for the story to truly take off.