A man wakes up on a seaside cliff, surrounded by charred remains, in the center of what he can only describe as a massive explosion. He has no knowledge of his past or his identity, no obvious skills to speak of, and no idea where the hell he is. As he struggles to make his way through the world, he will find that there are designs upon his fate far beyond his imagining. 

Updates are sporadic.

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Just thinking of the badassery gives me chills because of how the power system is set up and the Mc's name that gets me every damn time.

Really good, seriously, never had grammer problems, people have actual character, and the plot is cohesive. Now I need to level with people, it might be dropped if it doesn't get the attention it deserves so you can do one of two things 1. Skip over this and not risk a wn that your going to love because it might be dropped or 2. Read it and wait another few weeks for a chapter

P.S. saying this might be dropped is not supposed to say anything about the author, just what happens on this kind of site to good stories getting lost in the constant stream of shit.


A good start!!! I recommend it!!!

(as of chapter 4)

Can not say much yet as early days in the story. But so far the writting and editing has been decent, nothing major to detract from the story.

To the story itsef so far, has a reasonable rational and sensible MC and the pacing seems pretty good, not too fast but not getting bogged down in heavy descriptions either (the Author keeps a good balence).

The setting seems interesting and the background detail is being filled in at a reasonable pace. Mind you the Mc is starting with a 'blank slate'. I get a bit of a DnD vibe.

Well worth a try and i would recommend it!! The reason 4.5 stars is to both encourage the author for a good job and also apperently no one trusts 5 star ratings.