I Help My Friend Get Together with the Girl I Used to Like

by ZeroWolfGiven

Original COMPLETED Comedy Drama Romance Male Lead School Life Slice of Life
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Johnny has had an embarrassing love life throughout the years. Whether it's getting his crush stolen by his best friend (multiple times), or just not having enough courage to say anything, it always ends in humiliation. He now plans on living his life as a regular student with no romantic interests or interactions. That is, until his middle school crush, Rebekah mysteriously transfers at his school, with only one semester to go. He then encounters long-time classmate and Rebekah's best friend, Xela. He learns from her that his best friend, Will has developed a crush on Rebekah, and vice-versa. Johnny and Xela both agree to a deal where Johnny helps Will get together with Rebekah, and Xela helps Rebekah get together with Will (while developing their own romantic relationship of course.)


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I'll start off by saying that this is a purely subjective review, and that I subjectively enjoy this story a lot.

I can appreciate and enjoy stories with convoluted plots and smooth prose, but sometimes I just want to take a breather and read something mindless. That's what this novel is to me. A simple story, with funny characters, conveyed in an easy-to-read manner.

It's not a "masterpiece" or a "hidden gem", but it's worth the brief amount of time you'll spend reading it.

I have my gripes about this story, just like I have gripes about a lot of other things in my life, but they're small enough that I can point them out to the author, put them to the back of my mind, and enjoy the story for what it is:

A slice-of-life with cheesy romance, semi-relatable characters, and a couple you're continuously shouting "Get together already goddamnit" at.

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Just dropping a comment

I love this one! Are you still writing this?

  • Overall Score

I really love this kind of relationship, continue like this!

  • Overall Score

Reading about the characters and their interactions with one another is very entertaining and I can't wait to read more of them!

  • Overall Score

 A very good novel in my opinion. It does have some minor flaws but very good. An enjoyable read indeed.


But the things at chapter 15 and 16 are frustrating.