Within A Grey Twilight

by InTheEndlessMidnight

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Warning This fiction contains:
  • Traumatising content

A mysterious man comes to Okiban. A capital, once much more vibrant. But what are his reasons for coming here. Other than to repay a debt, of course. Few believed that it is the truth. As much as it actually was. 

All the while he seeks someone in particular, a girl from his own past which he has nothing more than a simple token from. The only clue he was allowed or known. But that will not deter him from seeking it. 

All has changed for Sachiko. With her father's death, and his land being fought over. Even before her brother went back to be the Daimyo of the land. She is the only one who can stop all of this, and she will because even her own fate depends on it. And she doesn't have any wish to let it be ruled by another ever again .

 But as her father's death seemed to be tied to a man who made a single appearance, but instilled fear during his first appearance and the only time he was known to be active. But the methods were so brutal, and so incredibly cold that it stunned most of them. She needs to figure it out, and ask whether she was hunting down the same person. 

Note: This is a work which is set in an alternative Japan, inspired by the Edo Era. It has some fantastical elements, but is primarily a mystery/thriller with an expensive world. And the use of wit as a weapon. 

Arc One: Chapter One to Chapter Eighteen 

Arc Two: Chapter Nineteen to Chapter Forty 

Arc Three: Chapter Forty-one to Chapter Fifty-five

Arc Four: Chapter Fifty-six to Chapter Seventy four 


It is under edits as of now, and I'm busy with the edits. All future chapters would be decided upon later once I have finished as the story is far from done. All chapters with the phrase edited next to it means that it has been edited.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: A Final Decision (Edited) ago
Chapter One: To A City (Edited) ago
Chapter Two: Coming to Terms With Reality (Edited) ago
Chapter Three: Trouble Comes Onto His Doorstep (Edited) ago
Chapter Four: Looking Forward (Edited) ago
Chapter Five: Finally Resolved (Edited) ago
Chapter Six: A Casual Visit (Edited) ago
Chapter Seven: A Price To Move Forward (Edited) ago
Chapter Eight: Things Get Settled (Edited) ago
Chapter Nine: As Things Come (Edited) ago
Chapter Ten: One Thing Leads to Another (Edited) ago
Chapter Eleven: Nothing is gained (Edited) ago
Chapter Twelve: Showing up unannounced (Edited) ago
Chapter Thirteen: Hidden Intentions (Edited) ago
Chapter Fourteen: Coming Clean (Edited) ago
Chapter Fifteen: A Different Way (Edited) ago
Chapter Sixteen: Truth Is Hard To Pry Out Of The Mouth ago
Chapter Seventeen: A Faraway Trip When Unprepared ago
Chapter Eighteen: When Surprises Come ago
Chapter Nineteen: Coincidences Are Quite Common ago
Chapter Twenty: No One Likes To Pay ago
Chapter Twenty-one: No Closer ago
Chapter Twenty-two: Old Friends ago
Chapter Twenty-three: Things can change ago
Chapter Twenty-four: Things can change 2 ago
Chapter Twenty-Five: Odds for the worst situation ago
Chapter Twenty-six: The start of something odd ago
Chapter Twenty-seven: Going Out Might Be A Bad Idea ago
Chapter Twenty-eight: Coming to Impress, Leaving to Forget ago
Chapter Twenty-nine: A Strange Duo ago
Chapter Thirty: Things get complicated ago
Chapter Thirty-one: Meetings can go wrong ago
Chapter Thirty-two: Clues can come easy or not at all ago
Chapter Thirty-three: When a chance comes, take it ago
Chapter Thirty-four: People are not what they seem ago
Chapter Thirty-five: Getting somewhere requires a bit of luck ago
Chapter Thirty-six: Things Get Heated Up ago
Chapter Thirty-seven: Things get heated up 2 ago
Chapter Thirty-eight: An old friend can change things around ago
Chapter Thirty-nine: Unexpected Revelations ago
Chapter Forty: Nothing can be forgotten ago
Chapter Forty-one: Thinking reveals a lot more ago
Chapter Forty-two: Forced to reveal their cards ago
Chapter Forty-three: Forced to reveal their cards 2 ago
Chapter Forty-four: To Look Deeper ago
Chapter Forty-five: A deal is made ago
Chapter Forty-six: A set of cards ago
Chapter Forty-seven: A step in place ago
Chapter Forty-eight: Those beside ago
Chapter Forty-nine: A step in place 2 ago
Chapter Fifty: Everything Comes Together ago
Chapter Fifty-one: A book of his ago
Chapter Fifty-two: Pieces are together ago
Chapter Fifty-three: A hard decision at last ago
Chapter Fifty-four: A reunion that is not to be ago
Chapter Fifty-five: A change of plans ago
Chapter Fifty-six: All in the inn ago
Chapter Fifty-seven: Easy to find ago
Chapter Fifty-eight: Heading Somewhere ago
Chapter Fifty-nine: A change in plans ago
Chapter Sixty: Where to go ago
Chapter Sixty-one: Heading Somewhere 2 ago
Chapter Sixty-two: Falling helps ago
Chapter Sixty-three: A Letter Arrives ago
Chapter Sixty-four: Plans can change ago
Chapter Sixty-five: Heading Somewhere 3 ago
Chapter Sixty-six: A Name At Last ago
Chapter Sixty-seven: Things go right ago
Chapter Sixty-eight: Things go right 2 ago
Chapter Sixty-nine: Going Different ago
Chapter Seventy: Close to start ago
Chapter Seventy-one: Playing nice ago
Chapter Seventy-two: Deep Thoughts ago
Chapter Seventy-three: Coming close ago
Chapter Seventy-four: Done with all ago

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Nise Darf

Hey, i just read the whole thing, it looks pretty promising for now.
A bit dark, mysterious, makes me think about whether what could happen next.
Samurai stories have always been a 10/10 for me, but i think you should let us know the characters a bit more. I feel like the story is way too plunged on the storyline only. We learn information about the characters, but it feel likes it's just unneccesary and not important. Some of it is okay but most feels as if it won't help me build up a good enough view about the different charecters. Reviewing this may have been too soon, as i could not get a look at your full potential, but from what i've seen so far, it's pretty good!
Will be looking forward to the next chapters, keep up the good work! 4/5