Yuusha Isekai! Youjo Suki!

by Social_Knight

Original ONGOING Adventure Comedy Fantasy Satire Harem LitRPG Magic Male Lead Strategy Summoned Hero Supernatural

When Elijah, thirty year old civil servant, open lolicon, and anime otaku finds himself in a new world rather than snuggled up to his Flan-chan Dakimakura, whatever will he do? Will his genre savvy and surprisingly unspectacular cheat be able to save the kingdom, and its cute (if dumb) juvenile princess? Or will he go down in a blaze of foolish glory like the ikemen before him?

[This is a crazy parody novel, by the way. The goal is a good isekai harem story minus the beta JP MC, but adding unique girls that outgrow their stereotypes, whilst making fun of the genre and popular anime and game culture at large.]

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Purveyor of dubious medicinal snake oils [since 1885]

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1. A Minefield of Blunders ago
2. The Truth is Suffering ago
3. Lost Words ago
4. Beliefs and Fisticuffs ago
Side A: Baka-Hime ago
5. Press F to Cry ago
6. Pretty fly, for a sword guy ago
7. Go East!! ago
8. A Battle Most Peculiar ago
9. Confidence Game ago
Side KI: The little sword that could ago
10. Wannabe Demolitionist ago
11. Sleeping Tiger ago
12. Never too early for a drink ago
13. Humor Me ago
14. Towering Affection ago
15. Dark History ago
16. Thunderous Ambush ago
17. The Blade does as it must ago
18. Rogue-Like ago
Side KA: Child Killer ago
19. In terms of mystery ago
20. Not just a Mid-Boss? ago
21. Negotiation ago
22. Unstoppable ago
23. Monsters are overrated ago
Side C: Political Machinations ago
24. Bouquet of Thorns ago
25. I Just Know What I Know ago
26. The Shocking Truth! ago
Side S: Sagely Concerns ago
27. Lost in Translation ago
28. A New Gourmet ago
29. Lost in the Shadows ago
30. Delicious Futures ago
31. A Tower Far Behind ago
32. A Knight Indeed ago
33. Happy to Serve ago
34. Noble Disasters ago
35. Education ago
36. Positively Clerical ago
Side R: Childhood Friend ago
37. Pondering Mortality ago
38. Surrounded by 'Professionals' ago
39. Papa Bear ago
Side KK: Budding Faith ago
Side AR: Truth in the Water ago
40. Radiant Jewels ago
41. Apprenticeship ago
42. Shocked ago
43. Mysterious Chemistry ago
44. Break that wall down ago
45. Ceiling Ninja ago
46. A Healing Bath ago
47. Duke's Blessing ago
48. A New Man ago
49. Sandy Shore Temple ago
50. Censored for your Convienience ago
51. Into the Shadows ago
52. She's a scream at parties ago
Side Y: Tri-Attack! ago
53. Other Strangers ago
54. Spirits of the Void ago
55. It's Fight Knight! ago
56. Growing Concerns ago
57. Wading through Blood ago
58. Malicious Spirits ago
Side B: The Iron Duchess ago
59. Subverting the Trap ago
60. Champions of the Gods ago
61. Secrets and Heresy ago
62. Explosive Rescue! ago
63. Beauties and the Beast ago
64. Awash Amidst the Fury ago
65. End of the Line ago
66. Tri-Attack! Second Sortie ago
67. Fever Dream ago
68. Paradise Lost ago
69. Born to be Wild ago
Side KL: Ruby of the Desert ago
[BONUS] Best Girl Survey & Commemorative Images ago
70. In Pursuit of... Wisdom? ago
71. Don't wanna nice boat trip! ago
Side AKA: Is this... Deception? ago
Side KIS: Firmest Resolution ago
72. Elijah's Concerns ago
Side RY: Deadly Spirits of Love ago
Side KUKL: Rivals once ago
Side AA: Aria's worries ago
73. The Port City ago
74. The Furious Stallion ago
75. Mastery? ago
Side KI2: Don't Panic ago
76. I was in the debate society! ago
77. War... what is it good for? ago
78. Yes Loli. No Touch. ago
Side B2: Killing Time ago
79. Terror closing in... ago
Side C2: Contingencies ago
80. Well-Done ago
81. Traditional Dining ago
82. Lessons of the Past ago
Side RM: Risky Manoeuvres ago
83. A dream inside one's self ago
84. Exorcised, but not forgotten ago
85. Highly Visible Ninja ago
86. Consequences of Hubris ago
87. Once more onto the Breach ago
88. A Date to Remember ago
Side AB: Dead Reckoning ago
Side R2: The Light's Saviour ago
Side BKA: Faithful Hounds ago
Side S2: Archmage's Hypocrisy ago
89. The Monsters We Become ago
90. At Rest Arrest ago
Side KAKL: Escape Plans ago
91. What do you know about justice? ago
Side KA2: A Killer cannot love ago
92. Monsters together, forever ago
93. Kay-Aye-Es-Ses-Aye-En-Gee ago
94. The Lost and the Fallen ago
Side C3: Eye for an Eye ago
95. Forging Ahead ago
96. Not any old Sword-Brain ago
Side M: Alone, in Paradise? ago
[BONUS] Best Big Sister Survey and What has Science Done!? ago
97. Number One Rule ago
98. Double Date ago
99. Secrets of the S'tavi ago
Side KA3: Remember Me? ago
100. Breaking All The Toys ago
Side AA2: Love Ambushes Us All ago
101. The Power of Sausage ago
Side R3: I'm NOT a Tsundere, Baa-kaa!! ago
102. Sandy Shore Re-Runs ago
103. S is for Super ago
Side ESKA: Blood-Ties ago
104. Deeper and Down ago
105. Tentacles (Don't Ask) ago
[BONUS] Best Girls Survey II: Tri-Attack! ago
106. He's a growing lad. ago
Side MKO: Melody's Resolution ago
107. Crawling into Danger ago
108. Back to the Ninja ago
109. Strange Offerings ago
SIDE SR: Bicentennial Maiden ago
110. Distortions ago
111. Strength and Love ago
Side C4: Invasion Plans ago
112: Cleric's Awakening ago
113. The Terror of Honesty ago
114. A Flower on Each Hand ago
Side KI3: Mercenary Anxiety ago
115. Stranger Miracles ago
Side KL2: Fire Angel ago
116. Transformation ago
Side RS: Deceptive Magisters ago
Side KL3: Not the light you're looking for ago
Side F: A Castle of Bones ago
Side Y2: Light and Shadow ago
SIDE C5: The Dark Door Opens ago
SIDE AA3: Fearsome Fever ago
Side M2: What is a leader? ago
117. Explosive Recovery ago
118. Into Nothing ago
119. Castaway ago
Side H: The Blood Red Demon ago
Side KO: Duel to the Death ago
Side M3: Hostile Waters ago
Side S3: Thunder Goddess ago
120. Finally Caught Cheating ago
121: Poking the Truth ago
SIDE Y3: Lillies of the Void ago
122. A Heavy Subject ago
123. Enlightened ago
SIDE LC: The Endless Protector ago
124. Gods of Death ago
125. A New Void Order ago
Side MKO2: Mercenary Intervention ago
126. Mystery Arrival ago
127. The Last Guardian ago
128. Magic Gods ago
SIDE KO2: Maid in Heaven ago
129. Flirting with Falsehoods ago
130. The Circle of Unravelling ago
131. Limit Breaker ago
Best Girl Survey III: Girls Grow Up! ago
Unfortunate Robbery Annoucement ago
132. Rewinding ago
133. Ancient Spirit's Legacy ago
SIDE L: Prince's Freedom ago
134. Bedroom Killer ago
135. Advancing Through the Forest ago
136. "Too Many Mind!" ago
137. Not Rusty Yet ago
SIDE ASK: Girl's Talk ago
Side RAS: Strange Times, and Stranger Families ago

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  • Overall Score

The story are what you expected. What I don't expect are you get pacing, getting to know charecter without feeling forced into it. I sit and binge reading it into 30 chapters and thet is good on my book. At least you don't need to turn off your brain way to much to enjoy it like a lot of generic harem trope does.

  • Overall Score

Give it time to grow, unlike our MC

The humor takes a little adjustment to get use to but he's a silver tongued devil at times. Overall well written story, will book mark

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Phenomenal character development

I dare any of you to read to the latest chapter and say there isn't any good character development .

With masterful usage of side stories giving the heroine perspective and their thoughts and also showing their personal backstories from their perspective , intertwining with the main story .

Ahhh the best character development i've seen in ages , and in terms of character development limited to royal road i'd say its the best around here .

I bet there will be loads of people biased towards anime , lolis , + so called "wish fufilment" that will try and screw up the rating , but i wouldn't want to miss out on this novel due to worrying about the ratings , especially with unexpected depth you wouldn't expect from a isekai fantasy harem

  • Overall Score

love the fact that we get to know the feelings and thougth of the different characters. especially the DK. story line it great along with the fact that all side stories go forward with the story instead of backtracking to present.

  • Overall Score

Edit: For clarification it's probably my fault for misunderstanding the theme of this story as it's still rather well told, I just went in with the wrong expectations.


When I saw the description saying that the mc is a lolicon and the parody comment, I thought it would be a minor character trait played for laughs.

What I didn't expect was that about 40 chapters in it had been his only major defining character trait as he picks up 12/13 year old girls who he commands like Pokemon since he's really weak so far, and who respond in an uncomfortably happy manner to his come-ons.

Not a deal breaker as he never actually does anything with them (as far as I've read), but combined with how the weak mc has very little agency or direction in where he goes and what he does, you may just tire of it like I did.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

this is some good sh*t here ,

this one is very welldone and not boring at all ,and also some good twist and use the cliche in a right way,if you are a fan of isekai/summoned then this is for you (warning:this will be go full 100% loli so some of you may not like it,at least this mc is a pervert in a good way,unlike mc from mushoku tensei in the early stage) ,btw there are some good reference and easter egg there

[just wondering,with this getting very famous now,why there are only one review so far despide more than 50 rating ?? ]

  • Overall Score

Hypothetically some may be offput by the lolis, but every other isekai harem has girls that are 14 - 16. This one does 11 (actually 202) - 13. It's really not offensive, it's got cute character interactions and a protaganist that knows what cliche he's in without being too smarmy about breaking 4th wall. I enjoy it!

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

I think I just not into loli..sorry for typo

Storyline is good, isekai with character building but loli harem? Ugh... sorry it just not my thing. I gave full mark for story though but not character. A little bit gore and blood would be my style

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

I dislike the MC because he is cringy. Super cringy. Unbelievably cringy. The girls are also cringy. I mean, "guts pose"? That cringy. I can't give an unopinionated rating except for grammar because my bias prevents me from reading more than half-way without wanting to bash my brains out on a wall. I can't give a legitimate evaluation but to each their own.

Spoiler: Spoiler