Chapter 3


  I felt weak. Terribly weak as if i had been with sickness for years and it had burned the strength out of my body. Trying to raise my hand i couldn’t even manage that much, trying something easier my head tilted but even that exhausted me. All i could do was make pathetic little growling noises that even a child would find sad. Breathing deeply i decided i would calm my heart and do what i could, as i couldn’t move, couldn’t speak, hell i couldn’t even see.

   But i could smell, and though it was weak i could smell dogs. Did i somehow actually survive only to be chewed on by mongrels? I tried crawling again only to painstakingly move, an inch at a time. Until i hit something soft. I felt a primal urge within myself growing, and it was more than i could contain before biting down on this object. Warm liquid flowed into my mouth and i greedily sucked it down. Whatever i had bitten was delicious and if this was the only way to show i wasn’t going to go down without a fight then so be it.

   I don’t know how long passed, time had lost its meaning in this soundless dark world of mine, all i knew was it smelled of dogs, was cold and hard. And that i would fight with whatever strength i had in me, as sad as that amount was. Suddenly my food and warmth were ripped away from me and i growled in frustration as my prey escaped. Next time you won’t leave so easily, at least that’s what I would say if I had the strength to stop it.

   I lost myself in this world of nothing, not knowing if I had died or if I was still alive. Then i heard the sound of something clacking against rock. I would let this beast know i would not be easy prey, I bared my teeth and tried to let out a growl, only to have it sound the whimper of a dying animal. There was strength in my limbs, I know not from where but i would use it. Boldly getting up, albeit with some wobble and shaking, i would face this beast in darkness.

   Lunging forward (falling forward) my jaws opened and sunk down on yet another soft target! Victory would be mine beast! Strength flowed into me from where i had bitten down, bringing a sense of accomplishment. It wasn’t fighting back so i had undoubtedly struck it a mortal wound, and such i would drain it dry out of spite. On my side i felt pressure, it was another attacker! Swinging my hand I shoved it away. Letting go of my prize i turned to my assailant and growled to intimidate them.If only my eyes would work i could have a fighting chance! Getting no more resistance I assumed that it had left, so to the victor the spoils. I continued feasting on my trophy.

   This cycle repeated, how many times wasn’t counted, as I had no care for the number. I could feel myself getting stronger each time, a sense of growing and power filled me. Until i woke up and I saw what had been my prey repeatedly. It was a giant wolf, a beautiful white coat with a majestic and elegant movement to it. I say giant, but the word does not give justice to this creature. If we consider myself an average height, this was obviously 5, even 7 times as tall as me!

   Looking for an escape i turned my head and saw wolf pups the size of myself! Where was I that such creatures nonchalantly ruled at this size? This was crazy, i slowly backed away from these monstrous beasts. Until the largest picked me up by the back of my neck! Did it… as I was picked up my head was forced down, and i saw my lower body. I had adorable paws and was covered by fur, the color of storm clouds, the tips seeming to be lightly dusted by gold.

   It came back as if a bucket of ice water had been slammed on my head. The voice had said that i would be sent somewhere to bring change. As a wolf. How is a fucking wolf supposed to change the world? Am i to piss on every tree and back to ruin a towns sleep? Am i even a wolf, what wolf has gold flakes in its fur.

   Before i could finish all the thoughts buzzing in my head i was abruptly dropped into a pile of pups. I hadn’t noticed before out of my fear, but wasn’t i bigger than these others? It dawned on me then, i had been shoving and pushing my way to hoard the mothers milk. None of the others even had their eyes open yet.

   If this was to be my fate… well i had no choice left now did I? Greedily I pushed past the other pups, though they were probably my siblings and took as much space as i could suckling strength. Occasionally one of them would try to usurp my position, but I was larger and I had the advantage of sight for now. If I didn’t use it then when they could see i would be in a much harder position, so I decided i would take as much as i could now.

   Slowly over time their eyes too, started to open, and they came to realize fighting me for space only ended in them being pushed even further away and fought amongst themselves for what i had charitably left them. It had been I think a week… or maybe two since my eyes had opened, and the others had grown considerably as well as myself. I would have to put them in their place soon or risk losing my spot at the head of this milky table.


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