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So this chapters going to be a bit odd, as its rather difficult to do a portrayl of what I was aiming for without going to far Westren or Eastern with it, and my goal is to take a love i have of Eastern  manga and light novels and blend it with my own Western heritage of fantasy.

Chapter 2


  I could feel myself falling, no wind nor any sense of direction but falling, it was a rather nauseating feeling. My world exploded into dazzling brilliant light, surrounding eventhing and blinding me covering my eyes in pain i could only guess that my retinas were toast. Though as with all lights it slowly, oh so very slowly dimmed until i noticed i was laying on... well something. There was no color and its texture felt as if nothing was there, at a loss for words i tried to stand only to realize i had already been standing.

   “Welcome to my domain young one.” i heard this voice echo in this world, and it shattered and solidified my sanity all at once, this imposing, yet comforting, indescribable voice that i knew yet would never know.

   “You’ve passed from your world into mine, though in a rather unique fashion i must say.” The voice continued not caring it seemed for me to grab hold of myself first.

   I was at a loss, my head spinning, the painful memory of seeing my own headless corpse shot back to the forefront, which reminded me, most people did not survive such things. Ah, that’s what the voice ment. I crumbled, i had always been an atheist, being here, with this voice, i could only guess that such a view would only land me in hell. Well, worse than the hell i’d been in for the last terrible chapter of my life. Wait, i am still alive, well in a way at least so that life not this life i suppose?

   “So… well… who was right then?” i asked with the only part of me truly functioning being my dark humour i used as a coping method.

   “Everyone and no one. The answer is simple and yet more complex than i’d wish it to be. For you to understand think of it this way, if enough beings worship a sword, does not that sword have the power to strike fear into an enemy, even though it is nothing but metal? It is the same, i am nothing, and yet everything made by perceptions. All “gods” are but facets of my face, its a rather strenuous task keeping up with every world, in every dimension, in every universe with their own unique laws governing how they work.” Said in such a factual tone i was left speechless.

   “So there is life beyond earth! And unique laws? Wouldn’t every law of physics and such be the same?” i was confused and this was the only way for me to keep some sort of control, by directing this conversation somewhere. Somewhere that me being dead did not matter.

  “Infinite worlds with infinite rules, even infinite versions of you” The voice answered.

   “So, why am i here then? Why am i not rewarded or punished for my action?!” I needed answers, if only to return to nothing, it was better than sitting here being left with no purpose.

   “Every beings death, if their will was strong enough, is not the end, if that was so then each world would only die in stagnation, so they are brought here upon their end, and then sent to bring change, for better or worse.”

   “So what this is a higher powers version of a videogame?!” I was outraged at being seen as a pawn.

   “It is beyond your understanding, but if it helps you handle this, then yes, i will make it more like your video games.”

   My mouth hung open, well, atleast i think i had a mouth and i think it was open. People around the world had died, killed, loved and hated for some sick joke. Did it all really not matter even in the slightest?

   “Now listen to me, because i will tell you who you’ve shaped yourself to be, and that will shape your future.”

   I nodded dumbly, i had no answers to this, even to deny what i heard would be like saying gravity did not exist because i couldn’t fathom it with my 5 senses. I would listen, i would go along with what was said, and i would find meaning in this, and if this was truly to be like a game, well hah. I guess i’ll just have to gain true power that did not exist on earth, power beyond words and the movements of men. Something akin to the gods i knew, Like Zeus Hades and Poseidon, controlling all that is of man’s plane of life.

  “You are a ravenous beast, and as for much as you wish to be in a pack, you will never be able to make it work, for those above you, you hate, and those below you, you rarely see as more than tools. You choose to take others lives for power, and even sacrificed your friends, you never broke your word, but would twist the truth so it rarely had to be tested, you were greedy and full of pride, thinking yourself more worthy than any for positions you didn't even understand…” This continued for far longer than i was comfortable with, the list of things i found to be good far, far below what most would consider ugly traits.

   “So… what now then?” i asked, my voice weak and sounding like a broken man.

   “Now, now you go to where you may do my will by only your own personality.”

   I didn’t understand a single part of what was just said, do my will, what? This confusion though, did not last long as i had little time before the darkness swallowed all around me. The only point of light was slowly blinking away and i felt fear, true primal fear at where i was to land from this fall. But wait, i wasn’t done with my questions, i literally knew nothing more then morsels i wouldn’t even care for!


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