Ave Xia Rem Y

by Mat Haz

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Harem Male Lead Martial Arts Supernatural

A Very Cliche Xianxia Harem Story!

In a world where power is everything, Liu Jin only desires to become a great doctor like his father. However, destiny has no end of troubles stored for our hero. Powerful cultivators have their eyes on him. A nasty doctor is spreading rumors about his father. A burning man crosses his path, and his father's past may not be as simple as he suspected. 

The tale of the strongest doctor begins now! 

Updates every other Monday!

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Mat Haz

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Liu Jin ago
Chapter 2: The Xiao Sect ago
Chapter 3: The Burning Man ago
Chapter 4: The Incomparable ago
Chapter 5: Master and Disciple ago
Chapter 6: Learning ago
Chapter 7: Encounters ago
Interlude: Cousins ago
Chapter 8: Father and Son ago
Chapter 9: Poison Fang Canyon ago
Chapter 10: One Year ago
Chapter 11: The Old One ago
Chapter 12: The Nine-Headed Snake God ago
Chapter 13: Steps ago
Chapter 14: Before the Sea ago
Chapter 15: Once Again ago
Chapter 16: The Road Ahead ago
Chapter 17: The Soul ago
Chapter 18: Beneath ago
Chapter 19: New Moon Town ago
Chapter 20: Dinner and a Show I ago
Chapter 21: Dinner and a Show II ago
Chapter 22: Superiority ago
Chapter 23: Analysis ago
Chapter 24: Hu Meili ago
Interlude: Xiao Heng ago
Interlude: Within the Lun Clan ago
Chapter 25: Brothers ago
Chapter 26: In the Forest ago
Chapter 27: Twisted ago
Chapter 28: Luck ago
Chapter 29: Deceitful Whispers ago
Chapter 30: Victory ago
Chapter 31: And so, Once Again ago
Chapter 32: Return ago
Interlude: The Father's Tale Part I ago
Interlude: The Father’s Tale Part II ago
Interlude: The Father's Tale Part III ago
Interlude: The Father's Tale Part IV ago
Interlude: The Father's Tale Part V ago
Interlude: The Father's Tale Part VI ago
Chapter 33: No Matter How I Look At It! ago
Chapter 34: Of Many Things ago
Chapter 35: The Seventh ago
Chapter 36: The Meeting ago

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As of chapter 32:

Don't let the self-deprecating title or the generic synopsis fool you. This is a great fiction. The story flows smoothly. The characters are likeable and fully fleshed out. The execution is masterful (and I don't use that word lightly). 

At 320+ pages there is still no harem in sight. So no rushing and failing there like so many lesser fictions do.

"A Very Cliche Xianxia Harem Story" is only "cliché" if cliché means similar to the great Xianxias, the likes of Stellar Transformations (but with a more likeable cast, in my smug and snobbish opinion).

I don't want to hype it too much but– f*ck it. I'm hyping it. This a superb fiction, and if it delivers on what has been hinted so far, it's going to be one of my all time favourites. It deserves more love, so read it.

I haven't noticed much grammar issues, but I ain't an authority on the subject.

The only "negative" point, as pointed out in other reviews, is the slow release rate. But seeing as the author has been posting steadily for 18 months, instead of burning themselves out in three weeks with daily releases as seemed the trend these days, I'm willing to call this a positive instead.

Review amendment: With all that said, if you're looking for a fast and brutal power hike with a self-righteous OP lead and lots of arrogant bad guys being pummelled for not seeing Mount Tai... then this is not it, and you're probably going to get bored. 

Note: I know giving almost 5 stars in every category seems like an exaggeration. But those are my sincere thoughts.

At the end of the long first arc (chapter 31), the author asked in a bottom note "What worked and what didn't work for you in this arc?" And thinking about it, I found I couldn't think of a single genuine bad point, nothing I thought didn't work, and nothing I could have done better.

Maybe I'm wrong, and maybe if I re-read it I'll have another opinion. But at this moment, I'm in love.

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I really like the story, the author accurately captures the feeling and mood of a xianxia epic right away in the first chapter. The story is well put together with action occurring at a quick enough pace to keep the reader engaged.

The characters created by the author meet the purpose of being cliche xianxia roles. Regarding the use of grammar and punctuation, the author does well and the story is readable.

My one hangup with this story would be that I wish that the author would use the past tense when it would be more appropriate sometimes rather than using the present tense because the story comes across as being one long stream of consciousness and is difficult to read.


The child is a small one. He has barely seen seven years in this world and has never once seen another city. His hair is black which is not uncommon in Eastern Port City. His eyes, however, are ruby red, something that has always drawn its fair share of stares.

His name is Liu Jin, and he is angry.

"Take it back," Liu Jin says once more. His hands are already clenched into small fists.


The child was a small one. He had barely seen seven years in this world and had never once seen another city. His hair was black which was not uncommon in Eastern Port City. His eyes, however, were ruby red, something that had always drawn its fair share of stares.

His name was Liu Jin, and he was angry.

"Take it back," Liu Jin said once more. His hands were already clenched into small fists.


Euclaid Galieane
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Unlike other stories of the same genre, it doesn't rush through the beginning of the story to get to the face slapping of gods and getting a new butch every chapter.

This story takes the time to flesh out the characters in it, the world they reside in, and the power sets for everyone. Easily among the top fictions of Royalroad.

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cant say enough good thngs about it! one of the best xanxia novels i have read here on RR and its only just above 200 words. only downside is the slow release rate but i am more than willing to suffer through it because of the quality.

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A largely fun beginning. The elements are all standard, but so far are used with skill and deftness. We're starting to see hints about the history of this place, but to use the common idium, we're still frogs at the bottom of the well. If I have a serious critisim, it's simply that this is being released slow enough that you lose your place a bit.

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Becoming the best doctor In an xanxia world

 I like how the character doesn’t have all the advantages or some fancy artifact to get him above everybody else.   He improves on his efforts with some help from his father and his father is master .   I like how this is more of becoming the best doctor and not the strongest person .

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Atypical narrative. Nonsense title.

This story is going to feel a lot different than what most people are used to owing to the fact that it is written in 3rd person present tense.  In other words, it is an unknown narrator describing events as they occur.  This gives the narrative a folktale-like flow that I found very endearing.   

As for the title... I don't get what the author is going for.  This reads like no xianxia I have ever read.  The mc is atypical.  And currently, he has zero interest in girls.  In fact, there has only been one female character introduced, but she is very much a side character. The mc described her as 'average at best'.

I like it so far.  Recommended if you like a lot of character development over powerleveling.

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Very good! Keep up the good pacing and deeper character arcs. Ill look forward to reading your chapters more often.


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This is just simply a gem. A really nice gem. This review is just really to possibly get more people to see said gem.

The style is the standard 3rd person but with focus on the main character. There are some PoV changes in the interludes but not in the main storyline. Said interludes are similarly well written and interesting and are usually flashbacks or sideplots.

The grammar is just excellent, especially for this site's standards.


Now, the story. This is basically what I've been thirsting for recently when reading xianxia or other fantasy cultivation stories. The way it expands, the focus of the MC's journey and the glimpses we get through said journey of the wider world really give you that feeling of wonder that's sometimes missing from cultivation stories without making it seem like the MC knows nothing about the world. The cultivation, though still simple for the most part, has areas shrouded in mystery that promise an interesting ride.

Now for the characters. Long story short, they're pretty much all great. Even the minor characters, even if not largely impactful to the story have proper purpose or a hint of their character. The important characters on the other hand are pretty well nuanced and even the 'villains' (only really been one true villain so far) are enjoyable to see.


TLDR: As long as you like fantasy stories or cultivation stories, this is a must read.

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Very good, self-aware, atypical yet clichéd.

The world the cast lives in is cliché, but the characters are not.

Typical tropes and weirdly convenient coincidences are plenty, but most characters act as humans, oftentimes subverting the tropes they are handed. In other cases, they may embrace the tropes and act on fridge logic. In either case, it feels very natural in context.


Vaguely spoilery examples:

Someone may swear fealty to the MC, but why would the MC want a follower? Better to just let the person down gently…

A peasant shows can actually do what he claimed, showing the Elder that he was wrong? The Elder may just accept it and change his mind instead of going into a rage…