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Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
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Meet Threadbare. He is twelve inches tall, full of fluff, and really, really bad at being a hero. Magically animated and discarded by his maker as a failed experiment, he is saved by a little girl. But she's got problems of her own, and he might not be able to help her.

Fortunately for the little golem, he's quick to find allies, learn skills, gain levels, and survive horrible predicaments. Which is good, because his creator has a whole lot of enemies...

(Cover by Amber Rimkus)

My name is Andrew Seiple, I'm an author and a long time roleplayer. I am the writer of Threadbare, and I own the rights to this story, and many others. I've published works on Amazon before Threadbare, but this is my first litrpg. You can find my various stories available on Amazon.com
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Andrew Seiple

Andrew Seiple

2nd Anniversary
Word Count (16)
Royal Bloodline
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Awakening 1 ago
Awakening 2 ago
Awakening 3 ago
Parties and Perils 1 ago
Parties and Perils 2 ago
Parties and Perils 3 ago
Quests and Questions 1 ago
Quests and Questions 2 ago
Quests and Questions 3 ago
Does a Bear Sit in the Woods 1 ago
Does a Bear Sit in the Woods 2 ago
Does a Bear Sit in the Woods 3 ago
Behind the Scenes Interlude I ago
A Wildling Brood 1 ago
A Wildling Brood 2 ago
A Wildling Brood 3 ago
Catastrophe 1 ago
Catastrophe 2 ago
Catastrophe 3 ago
Behind the Scenes Interlude II ago
The End of Innocence 1 ago
The End of Innocence 2 ago
The End of Innocence 3 ago
Behind the Scenes Interlude III ago
The Bear Necessities ago
A Quick Poll: Poll Closed! ago
Getting Your Bearings 1 ago
A Cat has a Sheet ago
Getting Your Bearings 2 ago
Getting Your Bearings 3 ago
A Bear has a Sheet too, of course ago
A Paw Full of Undead 1 ago
A Paw Full of Undead 2: For a Few Undead More ago
A Paw Full of Undead 3: The Bear, the Vamp, and the Catlady ago
Story Interlude: A Hard Knight's Day ago
Born Again 1 ago
Born Again 2 ago
Born Again 3 ago
Background Interlude 2-1: On Gods ago
Bonus Content 2-1: Old Friends, New Sheets ago
Story Interlude 2: Bad Comfort ago
Unsafe Sects 1 ago
Unsafe Sects 2 ago
Unsafe Sects 3 ago
Winning Hearts and Minds 1 ago
Winning Hearts and Minds 2 ago
Winning Hearts and Minds 3 ago
And Yet She Persisted 1 ago
And Yet She Persisted 2 ago
The Bear Necessities 2 ago
Bonus Content 2-2: Of Other Planes and the Powers of Darkness ago
Surviving First Contact 1 ago
Surviving First Contact 2 ago
Surviving First Contact 3 ago
You're Fired 1 ago
You're Fired 2 ago
You're Fired 3 ago
Interlude 3-1: The General ago
Give the Dwarves Their Due 1 ago
Give the Dwarves Their Due 2 ago
Give the Dwarves Their Due 3 ago
A Small Giant Problem 1 ago
A Small Giant Problem 2 ago
A Small Giant Problem 3 ago
Interlude - Vae Victus 1 ago
Interlude - Vae Victus 2 ago
The Brokeshale Battle 1 ago
The Brokeshale Battle 2 ago
The Brokeshale Battle 3 ago
Interlude 3 - The Spoils of War ago
The Sins of the Fathers 1 ago
The Sins of the Fathers 2 ago
The Sins of the Fathers 3 ago
Loose Ends 1 ago
Loose Ends 2 ago
Loose Ends 3 ago
Afterword and Intermission ago
Not a chapter, just an update ago
Not a chapter, just a notice... ago
The last not-a-chapter ago

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  • Overall Score

Rough start, But otherwise good.

Reviewed at: Awakening 1

 I personally had a very difficult time deciphering what the hell was happening at the start and quite frankly found it boring, luckily it rounded itsself of after a while and I quite enjoyed reading it. Not my favorite but I can see why it appeals to some people. And yes I would recommend this book, don't let the first few chapters deceive you.

  • Overall Score

The heart warming tale of a teddy bear setting out on an adventure to save a little girl with the powers of friendship, puns, love, and necromancy.

  • Overall Score

This Story Is Anything But Threadbare

Reviewed at: The last not-a-chapter

So I've read a lot of books from a lot of genres.

This story didnt make me laugh, or cry. It didnt make me gasp

But I couldn't put it down, fascinating story, awesome world and so much potential.

Definitely worth a read.

  • Overall Score

This is what brought me to Royal Road!!

I actually found this book on Amazon. The cover looked cute and the description was interesting. I began reading, and my life was changed forever.

Great great great story!! I've actually read a bunch of other litrg before (mainly the published ones though) and Threadbare was so refreshing. I absolutely appreciated the character, the plot, the flow--it was all great. The puns are hilarious and keep the entire story lighhearted. Even when things get serious and dark, the overall mood reminds you that it's just a story and things will get better eventually. 

  • Overall Score

Why are reviews either 1/5 or 5/5?

Why are all the reviews either "5/5 best story ever" or "1/5 terrible"?  The answer, my friends, is quite simple.  The quality starts out at 1/5, but grows to 5/5 by the end.  If you can't get through Threadbear, you can skip to the sequel "Small Medium" without missing much.

That said, even in Threadbear's first clunky chapters, the adorableness is easily 5/5. The characters and worldbuilding are excellent throughout, and make the entire read worthwhile.


  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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The Armies Converge!

Read this story a while back, but its still fresh on my mind. An adorable tale about a horrendous plot. Unique twist which I really liked, can't wait for new chaps to finally come out! Honestly the little bear had no chance in my mind but by the powers invested in authors he shall survive !!!!

Neko Kuro
  • Overall Score

U have good idea about mc but ur word u used make i cant read the story 

  • Overall Score

It has humor, cuteness, tragedy, insideous demons and murder. It has a clear positivness and rightousness but still showing earnest conflict being torn to do what you think you must do and is right or not. And sex jokes. Crude mix with the inocence sometimes, but heck it was awesome and somewhat refreshing, if that makes sense.
Litrpg system with lots of things but not overwhelming. Well if you bingeread everything is still fresh in your mind but compared to other Litrpg it is not too much but still complex enough to be a veritable world.
one more praise and critic

Spoiler: Spoiler


  • Overall Score

It's good really if not for the annoying interludes I view some of them like half assed way to give info to the reader and the most annoying part is that you need some of them cause in later chapters there are some references  (not big ones but considering this story relies heavily on puns and comedy they sure are funny and if you skip them you can't get the puns) and also if you read this now that it's completed having to read an interlude full of mostly unless stuff that you're going to forget on about 10 min every 6 chapters or so is really annoying 

If not for that it would be a full 5 for me never thought the adventures of a teddy bear would be so interesting to follow 

  • Overall Score

Threadbear is adorable and oddly believable, considering we're talking about a teddy bear with a consciousness. 

I don't usually write reviews - but Threadbear is so good that my love for it outweighs my dislike for reviewing things. Thus, I'll keep it short: READ IT!