A note from Andrew Seiple


Good afternoon!

So I've got a shameless plug, a notice for those who might have missed something, and good news overall.

The shameless plug is that my second Generica series, Small Medium, is coming to the audiobook format. My publishers have engaged Tim Gerard Reynolds once more, and Small Medium: Big Trouble is oging to be out on Audible on July 30th. Pre-orders aren't up yet, but if you search for it out there around that date the link should be up in the next few days.

The notice is that I've started the third Generica series: Dragon Hack. This one is from a player's perspective, and fair warning, it gets a bit heavy in places. Real life isn't going so well for Richard Royal, but in game? He's a dragon. And that's enough. You can read it on Royal Road right now, or out on my Patreon if you'd prefer.

The good news overall is that once Dragon Hack is complete, things should be set up nicely for the fourth Threadbare installment.

Might take a bit, might take months or even a year, but watch this space. Good things come to those who wait...

A note from Andrew Seiple

Dragon Hack is here.

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