Hey, everyone! Thanks again for reading Threadbare!

I haven't been idle. I am writing a new story set in Threadbare's world... in a different place, with a new cast. Though there MAY be a few cameos and crossovers along the way... See the link in the after-chapter notes, if you're interested.

Also I have a patreon now. I'm pointing that out since a few people asked a while back. I'll be posting new chapters of Small Medium on there first. And after Small Medium's done I plan to start new stories on there.

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EverShadow @EverShadow ago

First. Still love this story. Now, with that done, let me read the update.

human 000 @human 000 ago

But I haven’t read this novel yet so do I need to read it so I can understand your new story

ShadeMage @ShadeMage ago

Thanks for the chapter


Love this story, really appretiate your heads up

spine @spine ago

New book is interesting and i will 100% read it, but what I'm really interested in is the TTRPG you are making. Any updates on that?


    Andrew Seiple @Andrew Seiple ago

    Absolutely! The alpha manuscript for the RPG is available on my mailing list as a free download for anyone who signs up. I'll also be putting it up on Patreon in a few months, once I have enough playtest data for some revisions.

TheLoneOne @TheLoneOne ago

you're awesome man! will follow for thebear nessesities like crossovers

wayfarer @wayfarer ago

Sweet! Looking forward to your new work, thanks

TheGreatOne @TheGreatOne ago

I’ll be looking forward to reading it!

catbearpenguin @catbearpenguin ago

U might want to repost the link in another message because I totally missed it

vca96 @vca96 ago

Thank you for an awesome story