A note from Andrew Seiple

This is just an update on audio book and RPG matters.

Good evening, all!

I hope everyone's doing well. I just had an announcement or two, figured I'd update you on the progress of a few things related to Threadbare.

First up, is the planned tabletop RPG, which will let you play in Threadbare's world. (Generica)

The RPG is about 50% complete. I've got the general rules about nailed down, as are the skills for five of the Tier 1 Jobs. Which leaves 23 more adventuring jobs, all the crafting jobs, and all the racial jobs to go. So yeah, that's going to take a couple of months, to balance and record all the skills. I'm aiming for July to be done with the first draft, but that's a flexible target depending on what comes up. I've been unfortunately busy of late, and it's taking time to fix that.

Once done, I'll send the alpha draft of the basic out to my mailing list. Want in? If so, then go ahead and look at the "Author's Note" section of any of my ebooks. It's got a link.

The basic rulebook will be free to mailing list members, to start. After that, future supplements will probably be behind a Patreon paywall. Don't worry, the basic rulebook will have everything you need to play a decent game.

In other news, Volume 1 of the Threadbare audio book is complete! It'll release on Audible on June 5th. The link in the author note will take you to the pre-order, if you're inclined to pick it up.

Next up, I'll be looking to finish up Bunkercore, a post-apocalyptic dungeon core that I've been putting up on this site. And once it's done... well, it'll be back to Generica. In a different land, with different characters. Keep an eye out for something called "Small Medium," it should start showing up in the next month or two. I'll post a note here.

Thank you again for being awesome. Threadbare was a hell of an adventure, and very fun to write. And believe me, I am NOT done. Just gotta get a few things in order before we come back to our fuzzy necromantic overlord...


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ShadowSnake @ShadowSnake ago

I would totaly want to play that game!!

Dave @Dave ago

Thanks for the update

Phreak_91 @Phreak_91 ago

Wait, Bunkercore is almost done? It doesn't seem like it...

    Moridain @Moridain ago

    Dire: Hell just came out at the end of April. Check it out, it was pretty good.


    Andrew Seiple @Andrew Seiple ago

    I'm taking a break from Dire. But I'm kicking around another character's story, for the late summer or fall timeframe. Honestly it depends on how things go with Small Medium and Bunkercore.

    I have a lot of ideas, and not nearly enough time to get to everything...

      royaldarknes @royaldarknes ago

      hey,I don't know you hear this before , but if you are looking for a ancient,mystery voice,then this video maybe a good reference for your story here

      The Misty Mountains Cold - The Hobbit

ReadsTooMuch @ReadsTooMuch ago

@Andrew Seiple

I've only read the first 20 chapters of the first threadbear book. That was all I needed. Bought all three books. Grats on a great story.

Ironbeagle @Ironbeagle ago

Alright! Can't wait for more threadbare, and I'll be sure to check out your new book too!

Moridain @Moridain ago

Is the Small Medium quite Large?

Xared @Xared ago

ho, is the secret job in the game?

the one unlocked with animator+cultist combo we didnt get to know what was the job in the first place -_- (i do be i was voodoo or something like that)