Holy crap, what a ride this was.
I hope you don’t mind me talking to you directly here. Pull up a chair, please. If you’re reading this far, you’re one of the people I need to talk to.
My name’s Andrew Seiple. I write for fun and profit. I’ve got other jobs, but the more I write, the more important writing becomes. Up until now I’ve done several novels and assorted fiction in the superhero genre and a children’s fantasy book. That’s all, really.
But last year I read a litRPG. It was better than I expected. I started digging into the genre, read another, and got inspired. That was around November.
I broke from the novel I was writing, (one of the superhero ones, I’ll go back and finish it up shortly,) and decided to try this LitRPG idea. I had a character, I had a story, and it would NOT leave me alone. So I went back to my roots, tried out the web serial format in a few different sites, and decided I’d see how it went.
And here we are, over three hundred thousand words later.
That’s a full trilogy, my friends. That’s… more than I thought it would be.
And going by how many of you are here reading this? It’s a successful experiment.
Here’s how this is gonna go.
I was writing anywhere from 1-10 thousand words a day for a while there, and holy gods, it was work. Fun work, but lots of work. I was also writing the RPG system behind Threadbare as I went. The core of it actually came together in a few days, and I added bits as I needed. It’s mostly complete now. (Through levels 1-25, anyway.)
I’m going to take a break now, and finish up editing the last ebook manuscript for Threadbare, which consists of the last 120K words of the story to this point. The first two are out at Amazon already, and I’m slowly getting them online in other services. Printed books are following… the first one’s available already, the others will come over the next couple of months. If you don’t know what’s out there, feel free to search for Threadbare on the book marketplace of your choice.
After that, you’re going to see Threadbare audiobooks come out. Probably sometime in late spring or early summer.
I’m also going to work on making Threadbare’s system a playable tabletop RPG. I’m going to take my time with this one and make it fun. It’s going to open where the story ends, with the default setting having the characters be members of RAGs sent out to explore the world.
This’ll take a lot of testing. I’ll put beta versions of the RPG out behind my mailing list signup form, (and let existing members of the list know where it is, when it’s ready to be tested, so don’t sweat the small stuff.) Eventually I’ll have a Patreon, then it’ll be probably behind the paywall. Depending on how much demand and feedback I get, I might try to get it published. With art and spiffy stuff and everything.
I’m doing this THERE and not HERE because enough of you (and people on the other hosting sites) indicated that given the choice, you’d prefer to save Threadbare’s story thread for, well, stories. Which brings me to the next thing;
Threadbare WILL have a sequel. It will also have spinoffs, and stories stuff happening in the same world. I’m not sure which’ll hit first. If it’s a spinoff, or a new story, it’ll be a different post on this site.
But if Threadbare’s the POV character, then I’ll continue it here.
It’s been a hell of a ride.
And you know what? We ain’t done yet.
But for now, let’s let Threadbare have his happy ending. The poor guy worked hard for it.
Hell, just look at how far he's come, from level 1 so long ago!

Spoiler: Spoiler


Spoiler: Spoiler


In the meantime, if you have any questions or things you’d like to say, feel free to bring’em up. I’ll address them as I can, in an arbitrary matter that amuses me.
But seriously, thank you. This... this proved to me that I can handle writing in this genre, and at a pace I couldn't have imagined when I started writing, back in 2015. This was good, and it was good because of YOU. You were there every step of the way of Threadbare's story, and here we are now.
And oh ho ho, the fun we're gonna have, in the days to come! Have patience, friends. Might take a little while to get going again, but there's oh so much good stuff here to play with...
A note from Andrew Seiple

EDIT: Since enough people have asked, my mailing list signup is here.

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