A note from Andrew Seiple

Just some bonus content, presented without commentary. 

Just some bonus content, without commentary.
Name: Missus Fluffbear
Age: 5
Greater Toy Golem Level 5
Bear Level 2
Miner 7
Tailor 3

Strength: 78 Constitution: 56 Hit Points: 146 Armor: 16
Intelligence: 27 Wisdom: 40 Sanity: 67 Mental Fortitude: 6
Dexterity: 23 Agility: 27 Stamina: 57 Endurance: 26
Charisma: 31 Willpower: 31 Moxie: 62 Cool: 10
Perception: 27 Luck: 25 Fortune: 49 Fate: 5
Generic Skills
Brawling - Level 7
Climb - Level 7
Dagger - Level 7
Dodge - Level 6
Stealth - Level 2
Swim - Level 2
Greater Toy Golem Skills
Adorable - Level 5
Gift of Sapience - Level NA
Golem Body - Level 9
Innocent Embrace - Level 2
Magic Resistance - Level 9
Bear Skills
Animalistic Interface - NA
Claw Swipes - Level 7
Forage - Level 3
Scents and Sensibility - 4
Toughness - Level 6
Mining Skills
Mining - Level 34
Detect Minerals - Level 1
Supports and Sapping - Level 1
Tailor Skills
Tailoring - Level 15
Clean And Press - Level 1
Crappy Tailor's Tools
A Jury-Rigged Spade
A Finely-Made Dagger (Level 5 Dagger)
Unlocked Jobs

Threadbare's newly-unlocked skills
Level: 10 Cost: N/A Duration: Passive Constant
You gain a bonus to all attributes equal to twice your Cave Bear level while in darkness, and can see normally in darkness. Sufficient light will disrupt this effect, and the bonus does not increase the maximum size of the associated pools.
Level: 5 Cost: 15+ Sanity Duration: 10 minutes per animator level
Animates a slashing weapon and grants it minor flight, causing it to move and attack on its own. It cannot venture more than a small distance from you, and will orbit you without taking action unless invited into your party. Its weapon skill is dependant upon your weapon skill, and its equivalent strength is dependant upon your will.
Level: 5 Cost: 10 San Duration: N/A
Teaches an animi a weapon skill that you know, allowing it to wield and use weapons that are manageable given its size and manipulative appendages. Lasts until the animi deanimates.
Level: 5 Cost: 5 San Duration: 10 minutes per animator level
Allows the animator to see through one of their animi. Lasts until the animi deactivates, or can be shut off at will. Occupies the sight capabilities of one of the Animator's eyes, so perception penalties and confusion may occur if both eyes are open at once. You cannot have more than one dollseye effect active for each functional eye your body possesses.

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Aselo @Aselo ago

Thanks for the chapter!

Chayim @Chayim ago

The Raccants were interesting obstacles. Not evil but not very sympathetic. I wonder what a fully upgraded dungeon with them would look like?

Anyways I'm glad that she was able to hug him back.

Eolias @Eolias ago

Thanks for the contents.

Mezhanos @Mezhanos ago

Just caught up and damn this is one hell of a story. One of my new favourites and I will be leaving a review asap. You deserve far more exposure for this amazing story.

MADAO is life @MADAO is life ago

i hope he gets a raccant minnion they are hilarious maybe have a raccant who acts like a "TDDI BER" lol.

Gagaga @Gagaga ago

Yeeee...i so wanna spam 'MOOWWREEE!' Right now...

Tacroy @Tacroy ago

I apologize in advance, but... it doesn't make sense that Missus Fluffbear is a Miner and Threadbare isn't. After all, he's only nine days older than her. Really, they're both Miners.

Grimsol1324 @Grimsol1324 ago

Love this story boss! Keep on keepin on!

Genisyn69 @Genisyn69 ago

aww, was kinda hoping she had gotten some of the midboss skills