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Name: Pulsivar
Age: 10
Bobcat 21
Strength: 61 Constitution: 84 Hit Points: 145 Armor: 0
Intelligence: 10 Wisdom: 55 Sanity: 65 Mental Fortitude: 0
Dexterity: 55 Agility: 136 Stamina: 191 Endurance: 35
Charisma: 62 Willpower: 128 Moxie: 190 Cool: 55
Perception: 90 Luck: 55 Fortune: 145 Fate: 21
Generic Skills
Brawling - Level 56
Climb - Level 52
Dodge - Level 32
Stealth - Level 71
Swim - Level 2
Cat Skills
Animalistic Interface - NA
Birdslayer - Level 25
Claw Swipes - Level 85
Groom - Level 58
Growl - Level 28
Nap - Level 74
Nine Lives - Level 3
Scents and Sensibility - Level 60
Slowfall - Level 27
Tomcat Skills
Caterwaul - Level 33
Bobcat Skills
Camouflage - Level 2
Mating Season (Seasonal Quest - 352hr:18min:06sec remaining)
It's worth noting a few things. First of all, his hit points are pretty anemic for a level 21 beast. This is a side effect of spending half his life in a domestic situation, where he never had to build his strength or constitution much. That said, it did wonders for his charisma and wisdom. And once he got out, it started catching up... somewhat. Cats get boosts to Agility, Perception, and will, and Tomcats switch over to Agility and Will. Bobcats go to Agility and Perception. He hasn't been a bobcat for long, about a year all told. Which is why his one bobcat skill is pretty underleveled. That's also due to the fact that his stealth was already huge by the time he got it, so he's only kicked in camouflage once, when he got in over his head and had to hide for his life.
He's also been immersed in water precisely once. NEVER AGAIN! (Which is why that swim skill is 2.)
Other things worth noting are that nine lives skill, unique to cats. It's actually the one you DON'T want to level. It costs 10 times the rating of the skill in fortune to activate, and reduces an attack or event that would kill you to an attack or event that would leave you at one hit point. Thanks to being evicted into the wilderness, Pulsivar's had to use it twice already. It always goes up once every time you use it. Once it hits nine, it is removed from your character sheet.
The only other things on here that haven't been seen yet are birdslayer, groom, nap, and slowfall. Birdslayer is a buff that aids in hunting flying things, countering some of their natural advantages. Groom is a healing skill, using sanity to do a small amount of hp restored. Slowfall reduces the damage taken from falling, and allows greater maneuverability in midair. Nap is like a smaller version of hibernate, that takes hours instead of months.
He looks fierce, but his HP really are bad. And the lack of natural armor leaves him open to being overwhelmed by raw strength and damage. An adventurer of equal level would roll right through Pulsivar in a straight-up fight, if Pulsivar didn't go full defensive and pray his level 32 dodge skill and high natural agility were enough to keep him alive until he escaped. Pulsivar is built to strike hard from ambush, kill things that aren't a challenge, and eat them. And with Stealth 71 and 136 agility, he's very, very good at that...
...and he still wouldn't have a prayer of sneaking past Mordecai, who is(was?) a perception-focused adventurer getting double perception dips from scout and archer alike.
That said, he's a pretty good example of an experienced big cat (A smallish breed, mind you,) and about what you'd expect from one who's gotten pretty good at his job, good enough to survive a decade. There's probably plenty like him throughout the region. Which is a good thing, given the sweet experience his seasonal quest gives. That's not a solo quest, and it's limited to big cats only. Which is probably for the best, all things considered.

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