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Alea Iacta Est!

The voters across three sites have chosen!


In the end, it came down to grizzly bear versus cave bear. Third place was "Don't change him!" and fourth place was black bear.

It was seven votes, people. Seven votes! That close!

...but the popular voice won out, roughly 250 to 243. Cave Bear it is.

That'll be a thing in a few days at most. Thanks for voting!

Looks like I made some errors on Threadbare's stats back downthread. I'll use this time to fix things. The next chapter will be slightly delayed while I try to make corrections, and also bring things in line with the revised game rules.

Bear with me. And in the meantime, I have a question for you... what kind of Bear should Threadbare evolve into when he gets to level 10 of that job?

This won't change the basic nature of him, mind you, he'll still be a teddy bear. But it'll change some cosmetic details and give him a new skill.

Grizzly bears are the straightforward option. Wouldn't really change him cosmetically much, just make him slightly bigger. His stat boosts from leveling bear would shift to Strength and Constitution, and he'd gain an attack skill; Bear Hug

Black Bears are the sneaky option. He'd turn black but otherwise remain the same, cosmetically. His stat boosts from leveling bear would shift to Agility and Constitution, and he'd gain a stealth skill for wooded areas; Ursine Unobtrusiveness

Cave bears are the closest thing to a caster option he's got. His head would get a little bigger, but no other cosmetic changes, really. His stat boosts from leveling bear would shift to Wisdom and Constitution, and he'd gain the Darkspawn skill, which lets him see in the dark and get bonuses to all attributes and defenses when there's not too much light around.

Or maybe he doesn't want to change at all? He'll miss out on a level 10 skill, but maybe he wants to remain the same? It's possible.

Vote. You've got a day or two before it becomes relevant. Maybe slightly more, depending. You're not the only ones doing this, just so you know, so the final decision will be a blend of all polls.




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