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A look at Celia's stats and at humans and animators in general.

Hello there! As requested by a few fans, I've decided to show you Celia's character sheet.
Bear in mind, she's had a bit of a sheltered upbringing. If she weren't being raised in isolation by Caradon, she'd have a few more classes, higher levels, way better charisma, and a few other stats would be more developed. That said, she's had a good education, and is pretty smart for an 11 year old.
Her skills in her classes are a little uneven. (except for Scout, which she just learned so everything's underlevelled there,) and this is mostly due to her not getting into enough situations where the combat skills and more boring stuff would be useful. A lot of this will change as she has to deal with harder life experiences, and starts discovering her own style of adventuring, survival, and life in general.
Currently she has no magic items.
Name: Cecelia Ragandor-Gearhart
Age: 11
Animator 6
Human 4
Scout 2
Strength: 48 Constitution: 52 (62) Hit Points: 150(160) Armor: 13
Intelligence: 82 Wisdom: 54 Sanity: 125 Mental Fortitude: 12
Dexterity: 78 Agility: 50(55) Stamina: 153(158) Endurance: 10
Charisma: 43(46) Willpower: 66 Moxie: 134(137) Cool: 12(15)
Perception: 58 Luck: 56 Fortune: 139 Fate: 6
Generic Skills
Brawling - Level 4
Climb - Level 3
Clubs and Maces - Level 1
Dagger - Level 15
Dodge - Level 6
Stealth - Level 8
Swim - Level 12
Thrown Weapons - Level 6
Human Skills
Human Flexibility - Level N/A
Man's Drive to Achieve - Level N/A
Animator Skills
Animus - Level 23
Animus Blade - Level 11
Arm Creation - Level 1
Command Animus - Level 4
Creator's Guardians - Level 9
Dollseye - Level 5
Eye for Detail - Level 6
Mend - Level 16
Scout Skills
Camouflage - Level 1
Firestarter - Level 1
Keen Eye - Level 1
Sturdy Back - Level 1
Wind's Whisper - Level 1
A Sensible Dress - (+3 CHA, +3 Armor, +3 Cool)
A Sturdy Coat - (+5 CON, +5 Armor)
Sturdy Moccasins - (+5 AGL, +5 CON)
Finely-Made Daggers (Level 5 Dagger)
None at present

Celia has a few jobs that we haven't seen up to this point in the story. Namely, the Human and Animator Jobs.
Human skills are pretty simple; Human flexibility means they suffer no experience penalty when general experience is split among their jobs. It's a fairly small things at the lower levels, when it doesn't cost too much to level up but over the long-run it means that humans can afford to split their focus as they please. Man's Drive to achieve also means that they gain a little extra experience from quests and exploration.
The downside is that their stats are average all around, and they only have a lifespan of about a hundred years at most. But since most don't die of old age, it's not really a big limiter.
Humans cap out at 7 adventuring jobs and 3 crafting jobs. A pretty good number for their age limit.
Animators are one of the four Tier 1 Creator classes. Like the others, it focuses on calling up minions and living vicariously through them. It also allows a premium amount of flexibility, as its minions can come from any sort of any inanimate objects. However, it has its limitations.
Animus, the basic spark of life skill, works best when an object has limbs to move around with. Also, the strength and resource cost of the animation scales according to size. Animating a doll is easy and costs few sanity points. Animating a statue is hard and costs more sanity. Animating a mountain probably isn't doable until your sanity pool reaches the thousands... and even then the mountain won't be going anywhere. It might be able to bend over slowly and fall on someone, which is pretty impressive when you think about it, but it can't follow you around. Objects animated through "Animus" do nothing but defend themself until their creator invites them into their party. Once in, they can take simple directions from the caster's thoughts. Animus is temporary, however, lasting about ten minutes per animator level.
Animus Blade not only animates an edged weapon, but makes it behave as if an invisible wielder is moving it around and attacking with it. Like most other animi it has to be invited into the party and then orbits the animator, defending them as needed or following simple directions. Its attack skill is tied to the caster's dexterity. It lasts about as long as animus.
Arm Creation allows the animator to equip his animi with nonmagical weapons. They wield those with skill proportionate to their animator's dexterity. Celia rarely bothers with this one because her stuffed toys are weak and easily knocked out. It's easier to save the daggers to animate as blades after her first wave of toys gets KO'd and enemies start coming toward her. At least, that's the tactic she read in a book once, and it sounds good.
Command Animus lets a caster verbally order one of their animated objects to do something without having to invite the object into their party, first. It also works on other animator's uninvited objects, so it can be a rude surprise for careless enemy animators. Command animus costs sanity for every order so it's a little draining to depend on it in the long-run.
Creator's Guardians is a passive buff, that increases the strength and competency of their animated objects while said objects are within their party. It scales with the animator's will and level.
Dollseye allows the animator to see from the perspective of one of their animated objects. It's a useful one for scouting, particularly in conjunction with command animus.
Eye for Detail allows animators to attempt to check status on animated objects and golems and other constructs. It can fail, depending on the level, resistance, and willpower of the target. It also works on inanimate objects, telling the animator how suitable they'd be for animation, and what some of their strengths and weaknesses would be.
Mend simply repairs a single animated object or golem or other construct for a small amount of healing, scaling by the animator's intelligence and level.
Later skills deal with repairing, enhancing, and destroying animated objects. It's got a good amount of buffs in it, some weird utility tricks, and ways of getting the most out of your "pets"
Animators get +3 to Dex, Int, and Will with every level up.
The big weakness of animators is that unlike most of the other creator classes, they don't get any sanity pool multipliers. An animator has to either keep a lot of restoratives on hand, or find the balance between points invested into animated objects and points kept back to heal and buff his minions. Or minion, as some animators tend to travel with one large animated object, keeping their focus on buffing and backpacking it with repair spells.
The other weakness is that unlike the other creator classes, animators rely on having objects around that are suitable to animate and useful enough to keep them alive. This is why crafting jobs end up being crucial to a lot of animators... often, it's easier to build minions of the type you want to work with rather than rely on finding them lying around.
Animator opens up a fair number of Tier 2 classes, with the right mixes and achievements.
Known combinations on record in Cylvania University's Hall of Knowledge include the following;
The Pygmalion, which combines Model with Animator to allow the Pygmalion to animate mannequin duplicates of themselves and work as a party of one.
The Steam Knight, which combines the Tinker craft job with Knight and Animitor, to create a piloted suit of clockwork armor.
The Golemist, which combines Enchanter with Animator to create potent, insanely tough, magic resistant minions.

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