To This Kingdom Come

To This Kingdom Come

by icyii


The Realm: a parallel universe with 13 Kingdoms that only a select few from Earth can enter in their sleep. Marylea is one of those select few. When Marylea wakes up on her eighteenth birthday into a strange medieval-esque world where she can Shape things at will, she thinks it's pretty cool. That is, until people start vanishing into gold dust.

Ashling is the unpopular princess of the Kingdom of Aragonia, one of the 13 Kingdoms of the Realm. Doomed to marry a prince or a chancellor, and not the boy she's loved since she was a child, she is ready to accept her fate (or is she?) When Ashling's beloved Kingdom is in peril, she must team up with Marylea to find a way to stop their looming end. The burning question is: is it too late?

A story of adventure, friendship and star-crossed lovers, To This Kingdom Come is a COMPLETE young adult fantasy novel that will thrill and enthral.

*** Hi everyone! I hope you enjoy reading this novel as much as I enjoyed writing it. I would really appreciate feedback/constructive criticism. Thank you in advance! -Lydia ***

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Media in Sanity

Author throws a Writing Clinic

Your typical RRL aficionado will read a hundred novels before stumbling upon the beauty of the writing from 'To This Kingdom Come'. The 'happy amateur' philosophy RRL gives us many amazing stories, yet the reader of this site will most likely never find an impecable and beautiful writing such as the one that this novel has to offer. That is, outside the professionally edited library of a publisher.


Style & Grammar: I have nothing but compliments for Icyii. Impecable grammar, rich vocabulary that manages to perfectly draw a scene with words without ever requiring the reader to take a dictionary; and of course, a cinematic direction that will leave you stunned by the vividity and beauty of its descriptions during the most important scenes of the novel. Read Chapter 8 for a clear sample of what I am talking about.


Story: The perspectives of Princess Ashling and some from the Shaper Marylea, a.k.a The Best Girl, divide the narrative. The novel is surprisingly character-driven and while we do have a 'We Must Save the World' proposal at the novel's core; the novel leaves it clear that the welfare of a certain someone motivates Ashling's actions way more than the salvation of her realm. Even the challenges that lay ahead of the heroes are also cleverly exploited as opportunities to further develop their characters. 


Character: While Ashling works as a vehicle for the story, her romantic life does get the spotlight of drama that the arrival of a Shaper (and the dangers that comes with one) should have. I confess that at some points I just recoiled from the novel, crossed my arms and thought of myself: "Ash, isn't there something more important at stake now than the boys around you?"

Yet the cast of side characters is colourful and varied. I guarantee you'll find someone whom you'll like, even if Ashling's pathological obsession with her love life rustles your jimmies at times. Pardon Ash. She's young, after all. A brief look through the Facebook feed of your average teenage girl will make Ash look like Aragonia's version of Aristotles.


Overall: Great! 'To This Kingdom Come' belongs in a bookshelf.

The Drast

Back to the front page I say!

This book is a true work of art. The concept of the primary protagonist not having the superpower is refreshing and nice.The character are deep and not the usual amalgamation often seen here on RRL. 

Style and grammer 5/5

Beauty in words. Nuff said.

Story 4.5/5

It was really good. But I think it could have been better. An rather drastic change in pace when the action started put me off a bit.

Characters 4/5

I should have given 5/5. But the characters could have been so much better. I think each character should have been explored in more depth. While that would have bloated up the size of the book, the added perspectives would have been nice. But should be 5/5, atleast by RRL standards.

TL;DR: more like short enough please do read. The book I mean.


I might flunk a test because of this...

I'm impressed and angry with this~~. I stopped to read acouple chapters after Media recommended it and I could stop. It is cozy and really well written. I lost way more hours reading it than I should yesterday. You should just pick it up when it is cold and you're drinking something warm.