El Dorado

El Dorado

by idbugm

Eighteen-year-old, Caden was close to finishing his fourth Ph.D. and ready to work in space as a space miner. He knew he wasn't exceptional and needed to show the United World Council (UWC) that his ideas for a new use of nanoengineering could not only advance UWC's agenda but also make him very rich. 

After the advent of high-level, AI and the last Cyborg war, each citizen of the UWC provided an APRIL (Artificial Personal Research Intelligent Library) to each person. The dummied down AI was injected into every recorded birth with nanobots to help integrate with the government-controlled Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. 

After finally getting permission to work with Virtual APRIL coding, he dug into this project only to get frustrated time and time again. He decided to work on the project in the real world and see if the software worked better. Through unforeseen circumstances and accident forever changed Caden's world. 

What happened to him? Where is everyone? Is he even still on earth? Join Caden on this new adventure in El Dorado. What will Caden do to survive? What would you do?

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Media in Sanity

Read with caution. You might learn something.

Sci-fi with a lot of verisimilitudes. An interesting world that is exposed a bit more than it should in the first episode and the epilogue - especially considering that we'll be seeing a time travel at the novel's core instead of the sci-fi world -, but very interesting nonetheless.

Sci-fi fans will surely love the lore while average fans of adventure histories will enjoy the wilderness of the past. 

Grammar is 100%. You will likely won't spot mistakes while reading.

The story is probably the hardest category to judge, because 'El Dorado' always catches you in a state where you have no idea about what will happen next.

I personally enjoy the interactions between Caden and Zeus. The arrival of Thea in the story brought something new and awakened the magic in the world.


Lore for the Lore Gods; And Plot for the Plot Gods! Great!


This story is a SciFi story that challenges the boundaries between Science Fiction and Fantasy. It explores interesting concepts and in general, feels like the plot was properly planned. There are definitely unexplored plot points, especially at the end, however they feel like they are intentionally placed there to open up for sequels.

Nothing is perfect, but you can get pretty damn close.