The Immortal Supreme

The Immortal Supreme

by LeHaze

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

On the huge and vast planet named Zhou that lies near the edge of the universe, there lay 4 continents surrounded by an  ocean even bigger than all the continents combined. There is the Teolim continent in the East, the Cold North continent in the north, the Hu continent in the west, and the ever prosperous Heaven Reaching continent in the south.

Every continent is wracked with conflict as cultivators roam about searching for their own good fortune to achieve Ascension and venture further in towards the center of the universe. However, good fortune does not end up in the hands of whoever wishes for it. It comes to the destined few, the Chosen of their generation such that they may surpass their predecessors and bring more prosperity to their family through their own strength.

However, there are still mortals who live normal lives in the 4 continents. Every one of which have the choice to walk the path of cultivation or to continue with the peace that eternally sleeps with them in their mortal lands.

This is the story of how a young boy who steps into the bloody world of cultivation willingly and realises that it was not what he hoped it was.

Witness as he slowly changes his attitude towards cultivation and the meaning to be a cultivator.

Watch as he slays those that determined it right to slay him.

Await his rise to fame as he achieves his Ascension and ventures towards the centre of the Universe, where he will make his name known to all the Immortals and reign supreme over them!

Author's note

This is my first novel and as you had expected from the title, it's a xianxia novel. 

It's going to take a couple years to finish so stay a while. I will need your continued support to stay strong and finish this as fast as I can for all of you.

Each chapter will have 2000 words at least.

Posting schedule:

1 regular chapter a week. There may be an extra one so watch out for that.

There may be a few errors here and there so I would like your assistance in spotting them.

Thanks for reading!

P.S the cover isn't mine, you can find it here. I just edited it a bit.

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great storyline! definitely a novel worth reading and I would love to see how the characters will develop. thanks for your hardwork lehaze


Good Cultivation Story

Great Storyline 

Romane is going to start i believe from ch 12

nice comedy <thumbs up>