Dungeon and Stars

by Nathe818

Original ONGOING Action Fantasy Romance Sci-fi Non-Human lead Reincarnation Strategy

Long ago, maybe, in a universe eons upon eons away. There exists a universe vastly different from ours, where dragons fly, behemoths rage, and rainbow fish eat space ships whole. There creatures run rampant and magic is prevalent in all corners of the universe. Dungeons are farmed or quarantined from the civilians. Where empires fight for control while on the frontier people fight for their right to live. Join our hero in his hole in the ground as he tries to…. well do, whatever he does in there.

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  • Overall Score

Definitely worth taking the time to read

First off, I've written this review at chapter 10.  I'll update as the story progresses.

I have over fourty dungeon core stories in my bookmarks list here on RRL, and this one is definitely one of the more original and entertaining I've come across.

The blurb is fairly accurate in setting up the story.  I won't go into many details of the story so far, since I don't want to provide any spoilers.


On the technical side, the story is well written.  There are a few spelling errors, but nothing grevious, and I'm finding little to no grammar issues.

I really like how the author is avoiding all of the normal tropes that a dungeon core story requires. The fact that a dungeon core MC is an inanimate rock with homicidal tendencies makes it very alien to the normal human expreience and nearly impossible to write an entertaining story around.  Authors that succeed usually are forced to have a deus ex machina cheat to humanize and interact with the dungeon core and explain all of the associated mechanics to the reader - a.k.a the 'Dungeon Fairy' trope.

However, Nathe818 has been able to avoid such tropes so far.  The MC is a dungeon core that has a very fun 'voice' and personality (even if he does come across as more than a little crazy), and he is very obviously struggling to figure things out all on his own. I am already seeing some good character development in this story, and I am really enjoying the way it is being done.

There are also a cast of additional characters that I am excited to see more of, and I look forward to how they interact with the dungeon core in the future.

This story is definitely worth taking the time to read and follow.  I highly recommend it.

  • Overall Score

Very good pace, nice character development

Very nice to read and it have a unique touch so i give for encouragement 5 stars..