Draegona Chronicles: Crystals of Andromeda

by djskratta

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi Grimdark Magic Martial Arts Multiple Lead Characters Strong Lead Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Humanity has long ago set out to explore distant galaxies. The closest galaxy that was reachable is Andromeda, 2.5 million lightyears away from Earth, where life has flourished. New forms of beings and creatures were found to have wildly differing attitudes and cultures similar to that on Earth. Humans had, of course, brought their own traditions, cultures, and technologies from the nearby Milky Way galaxy. Humanity has long since settled here in Andromeda, but an old untapped potential had been discovered at the turn of the millennium, and once again mankind managed to uncover the long-lost arts of magic.

Dragons and magic had existed long ago, far before the time of language, writing, and even technology in its most basic form. Humans have all but forgotten that magic exists, calling upon technology to do their bidding. Dragons have fallen into legend, becoming nothing more than a fantasy tale that humans used for games and television.

Research in combining magic and technology has led to massive discoveries that science can indeed explain the overwhelming power of magic in specific areas and can even enhance it with unique augmentations. During this time of scientific and magical discovery, rumors of massive dragons and humanoids with wings began to sprout up across the galaxy.

These beings with wings were dubbed Draegona by the Andromeda Galactic News (AGN) articles, due to the rumors of the humanoids suddenly sprouting angel-like wings, and eventually transforming into full-fledged dragons before rampaging across entire planets and star systems.

From time to time, these beings would show up in force and fight amongst themselves and with the inhabitants of any unlucky planets caught in their path. Wherever these powerful creatures would show up, mass deaths and destruction would befall any world unfortunate enough to become a battlefield for these monstrosities. It has been decades since the last time there was any news of these planet-sized battles.

A mix of magic and sci-fi fantasy... A grand adventure across the stars of Andromeda begins. A prophetic dream calls out to Echo, and a hurricane looms upon the horizon of his home planet Keto. Echo lives a happy and peaceful life with his parents Vikta and Andrea until that fateful night when the disastrous hurricane arrives. A monstrous reptilian named Lazarus attacks the family during the superstorm and aims to capture them for scientific experimentation. The Sullivan family has two choices: Launch a full-scale counterattack against an extremist militaristic organization and escape to fight another day, or be captured and suffer a fate worse than torture.

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Well written with a touch of love. This story has me hooked. The opening has me wanting to find out so much more about Echo's future. The other main characters are easily likeable and the author has done a good job in making them believable.

For punnctuation and grammar, I had a really hard time finding any mistakes and if there was a mistake, it was so small that you could easily read right over it without it being disruptive. 

As for style, the author does an awesome job differentiating which character is speaking. The paragraphs and chapters are a reasonable length too and cut off at natural points to keep the story interesting. Each chapter leads further into the story without being a burden and I love the multiple perspectives. I wonder if we'll see other perspectives later on.

Now for the story... It's a solid read. As for chapter 14: Never Say Goodbye... It leaves me wanting so much more. The author has created a tale worth reading so far. I expect it will only get more epic as the protagonist gets stronger. The antagonist is a badass and not your generic cookie cutter bad guy which is a huge plus. He's got personality, a possible history with the main protagonists, and bouts of insane anger.

  • Overall Score

Can’t think of title... it good book tho

Well written, no mistakes I could find in punctuation and spelling which is rare xD good story so far we’ll worth a read