Lamp of Gods- Tales of an Immortal



Chapter 4 - A Breadth of Fresh Air Will Be Nice.


A note from rexdhru

We are still a bit far away from the action. But I think we have enough for the family, for now at least. Time to roam outside and explore.

The next day,

Early in the morning, Veeras room was a complete mess by now.

Books and clothes were scattered everywhere, various kinds of chemical liquids spilled across the floor, broken pieces of cups and plates on his table giving someone a rough outline of his eccentricity.

Veera looked like he was studying on his table, but his mind, in reality, was somewhere else completely.

The words his father said last night was still echoing in his mind. “Veera, always remember we are the Yadus. As a member of the Yadava family, you have an advantage, but also a disadvantage! The disadvantage is you will breakthrough very slowly and you will need more resources. However, your advantage is what you lack in quantity you can give that back in quality and versatility. So, tread your path carefully.”

Veera slowly rubbed his eyes while still being engrossed in his thoughts.

“It is never that easy……Around the world…..become strong…….fix up the mess.”

“Sounds good, doesn’t work at all.”

“Even mother is not saying anything about it. Probably she knew something was not right. Brothers are also not at home. It’s only me now.”

Veera sighed, slowly opened his eyes with a dull look.

“Gotta hold myself, for now, I am still too small. I think the best course of action will be to prepare, to become strong and to gather information as best as I can.”

He stood up and went towards a nearby chest. Brought up a scroll on his table, and unrolled it.

It seemed like a large map. Veera took a quill, dipped it in ink and observed the map.

“According to my knowledge, the eternal star was first seen in Ainu itself. That all sounds good until you know the fact that was during the age of darkness a.k.a the beginning of proto-immortals. Then it was again seen 23 millennia’s years later, but after 45 millennia’s it was found in the Far East. Good for me though, Orient competition will be held there after all.”

He marked some places on the map.

“So, going towards east seems a totally viable option now, maybe I will pass through Napoli and other interesting places in the way. Who knows?”

“I will also have to go towards west…..”

He circled another area on the west side of the map.

“Heard pretty interesting things are going on there, a revolution of some sort or something. That’s it then for now at least.”

He rolled the map, tied it up and put it in one of his drawers.

Veera sighed again and said faintly.

“And even if the eternal star is not here anymore, that doesn’t mean I have nothing to do here. That will be unwise of me to do so. Looks like, you have many things to do, V. Too many things to do actually, but too little time you have. An early bird catches the worm; I should probably start from today itself.”

While encouraging himself, he quickly called a maid.

Footsteps came from behind.

“Young master,” a maid stood behind him respectfully.

Veera did not turn his head merely saying, “Go and tell my mother that I am going out and might come late. If she were to ask the reason, tell her I am out for training. Oh, and while you are at it tell Naina to clean the room please.”

“Yes master, I will.”

He then went out.

“First, some money”

Veera smirked as he walked, “Oh boy, it will be fun.”

The entire City of Ages was a large heavily fortified city which was divided into parts to be governed by various bodies, one of them being the Yadu family itself for being the primary member and a leading family of the Holy Union and its Republic.

Veera walked the road as sunrays shined behind him.

The entire marbled road was filled with all sorts of noises and gaudy things. Magical carriages which carried people automatically traveled through the road simultaneously. On each side of the road were orb lamp posts, hotels, clothing stores, weapon stores, nightclubs, and all sorts of other places. In addition, both sides of the road were lined with pine and cypress trees.

Various people could be seen walking through the road chatting and smiling.

It perfectly portrayed a magical renaissance urban society with prosperity bustling through the streets.

Veeras golden robe seemed to shine even more under the rays of the sun. The insignia of a blue star can be seen drawn on his cloak from the back, signifying his not-so-ordinary status to anyone who saw it.

He seemed to stand out, but at the same time looked cold and distant like the star itself.

His stroll on the street was elegant, yet naturally with ease.

Blue Way Waterfalls Restaurant was one of the most luxurious places to visit in the Holy Union, City of Ages.

Currently, though, the staff of the restaurant was rather confused.

Five young masters who dressed richly were in the hall, all of them being regular customers of the restaurant.

They always came loudly in the restaurant and left loudly. These were the kinds of people who were the hardest to deal with. If you offend them, you will get sacked from their families, and in turn, your boss will smack you from your job. If you don’t offend them, your boss will still smack you for the damage they had done. Either way, it seemed the effect remained the same.

But this time….

All five of them were sitting on the floors! They wore the same haughty look, one swearing, one cussing and one even crying……clear discontent filled the air

What happened to this guys?

Did their father die? Or mother ran away?

Just as the spectators were wondering, someone came from the door.

Everyone widened their eyes when light illuminated the person’s face.

Only a portion of his face could be seen through the light, yet it was enough to stir unrest within everyone who was present.

The staff immediately lowered their heads, eyes radiating and hearts thumping, with their cheeks flushing pink.

It’s…it’s….the star-born!!...He looks so cute as usual….like a cat who just woke up!!!

Well, suffice to say Veera didn’t like cats though. He was more in the dog faction.

The figure by the door sauntered in, with his robe in all sorts of elegance and mystery, with the ever-changing gold and yellow.

“Well, looks like my entire squad is here. Quite generous for you to do so, it indeed saves me quite a bit of time.” Veera smiled “Please, please stand up; I know you are not beggars. Quit acting being like that. We haven’t met in a long time; we must have some shots to commemorate this event.”

One of the young masters then said through gritted teeth, “Veera, we are indeed beggars or if not we will be soon. Let’s be fucking straight, what do you need this time around?”

Veera smiled as he tilted his head fiddling with his long hair, as he replied in a friendly manner, “There are indeed many things I want, Young master Riu; some of which are oceans apart from me. But Riu, pray tell why do I feel like you are disregarding me? Not even letting me sit, are you?”

Young master Riu paled, he quickly stood up from his sit and cleaned it up, “No, nope, not at all. Who dares disregard Young master Veera? You are our father, the star, the brother that we never had. Hahaha!!”

As he spoke, he kept signaling others to defend him.

“Indeed, indeed. Young master Veeras excellence covers the sky. Drink, we must drink and we will drink.” The other young master nodded in agreement, with forced smiles, sad looks, and humorless laughter.

Veera smiled gently, “If that’s alright with you. Then please, I even brought sweets for you”

“You first”

“Please, the heaven always directs the path. You are our heavens, young master.”

The young masters replied in an eager manner, walking upstairs but when looked from behind, all of their faces looked close to tears as if they were eating a bitter gourd.

Gods, what did he mean by “if that’s alright you.”?

Is he being raped or something? From the looks of it, it’s the other way around actually.

And drinking? Drinking??? That sister fucker never drinks with us!!

God, he even brought sweets for us. There was no such nice treatment last time. He directly came, farted, took all the money and went away.

They wondered how much money he will plunder this time.

Wine and dinner were served.

Veera smiled and lifted his cup.

“This cup of wine, I toast to all of you for being always with me whether in times of need, joy or sorrow. For that, I am greatly thankful, cheers!!”

“””””yeah, cheers!!””””

Veera nodded smiling, “looks like everyone welcomes me, huh?”

“Of course!!” Young master Kai spoke quickly, “anybody not welcoming you will be a great sinner!!”

All young masters nodded like chickens. “That’s right, that’s right. Anybody who doesn’t give a face to young master Veera is the son of a rotten pussy.”

Their eyes then met, all of them thinking, “Damn it, all five of you are the son of a rotten pussy! Me too…….Anybody who welcomes this character is…!!”

Veera coughed and said, “Since all my brothers are here, this noble one has something to say even though I am feeling a bit shameful.”

Here it fucking comes!!

Young master Riu spoke, close to tears “Young master Veera, please speak.”

Veera shyly chuckled and spoke, “Forgive me for being straightforward then.”

“Recently, I am having trouble farting. My mom and dad are afraid I am having hemorrhoids, but you see we are very poor. So I will need some gold coins from you all, not much.”

All five young masters’ face turned bitter.

Oh, that explains why he did not fart today. He deserved it, he fucking deserved it.

“How much would you need?”

Veera said, “Not much. 25000 gold coins from each of you, will do until the next time I come here.”

Young master Kai spoke with a frown, “Veera, it’s not that I don’t want to help you out. But my parents just divorced yesterday...”

Before he could even finish, Veera looked at him. “Ok, 50000 gold coins from you then.”

“Why are you looking at me like that? Is it too little?”

“No, not at all.” Kai interrupted him immediately. “Let’s drink in your name today.”

Kai gulped the wine into his mouth as soon as possible. It left a bitter feeling in his mouth.

The other masters looked at him.

Damn, lie more, would you?

Veera then turned towards them, “Then what about you all? Is it too little?”

“Not at all, not at all.” They said, exasperated.

It seemed they won’t be coming here for the next few days.

Veera felt pity though. It directly meant no more free gold coins for the next week.

One should know, 25000 gold coins were not really that much for these guys. At most Veera probably only took 25% of their total money.

As for the reason why he took from them, it indeed had to do with friendship, they helped him today. He will return the favor some other day. 

It’s just that Veera liked to stay at home most of the time.

Anyhow, Veera got his money. This trip was at least being fruitful till now.

The others young masters had already left the restaurant, while Veera was still drinking wine being lost in his thoughts.

“1, 50,000 gold coins. Not bad at all.” Veera laughed, “Enough for me to buy some extra things.”

He suddenly spotted a familiar figure in the corner and began to move towards that person.

There in one of the corner tables was a beautiful cute girl sitting silently.

She was reading a book while drinking juice.

Veera knew her really well, to be honest. Not surprising at all though one will always know one's best friend well.

The girl seemed to notice the youth coming towards her as she closed her book and looked towards him.

“Deborah, it has been a while.” Veera lightly spoke.

Her name was Deborah Moonshadow. As one might deduce from her name, she comes from the Family of the Moon.

Veera and Deborah whether by coincidence or something more than that were born on the same night under the same moonlight.

As the Yadu family and the Family of the Moon were allies. They immediately perceived this coincidence as divines mandate and thus both of them were declared as born couples.

People even perceived they looked good together and were the other halves of each other. One resembled the eternal moon and the other a twinkling star on its side.

But, Veera and Deborah themselves did not think too much about it. They just had fun whenever they met and loved each other’s company. At least, that was how it went till now…..

Deborah was wearing a white-striped blue female robe with a moon necklace hanging on her neck. Her long jet black hair reached to her legs, her green eyes with a blue tint which looked like pearls were beneath her perfectly arched eyebrows. Anyone who saw her can imagine the eternal beauty she will become when she grows up.

“Oh Veera, it’s you. It indeed has been a while.” Deborah softly said.

She looked just like beautiful as ever, Veera thought.

“May I take a seat? Madame.”

“Oh shut up! You will still be here even if I said no, what is the point of asking then?” Deborah asked pouting her cheeks.

“Don’t blame me. I was just trying to be charming and attractive for you to see.” Veera chuckled.

“Anyways, small things will keep going on. let's discuss life,” Veera said while being hardcore philosophical about it.





A note from rexdhru

So, yep. No Historical Facts today. Or wait....

Deborah - It is a Hebrew name by the way, pretty common I believe at least in U.S.A. 

I just love the name, it has a nice ring to it.

Seems the original owner of the name was a prophetess or something. 

Oh, whatever. 

 I heard girls with this name are mostly wise and intelligent.

I won't comment, never found a girl with this name.


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