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Whether or not that phrase was indeed true or false was not something Veera could care about right now.

“Mom, what the heck are you doing here in this bad weather!?” Veera opened his eyes wide and blurted out loudly towards the blue woman.

As the only son of his own mother, Veera doted upon her since he was very small. This bond only grew stronger with time, with his father and two brothers remaining away from home most of the time these days. As for his second mother; his father’s first wife. Initially, it was quite awkward, to say the least. It can’t be entirely blamed on Veera though; anybody will find it difficult to adjust if one were to exchange one’s position with Veeras. The word “mother” holds a precious place in everyone’s mind after all, how can one use it liberally as they wish? But time heals everything. Especially if the person concerned is a woman who treats you kindly as her own son.

Allia, the lady in red and the aforementioned woman looked amused as she puffed her chest and said, “See son? I told the same thing to this bitch. I knew the weather was getting worse and wanted her to remain inside the palace, as I come to look for you alone. But NO! Who is she to listen to me? Miss Overlord was worried about you and was going to have a heart attack if I did not bring her along. So in the end, I was forced to do her bidding even though I knew you would get angry. *sigh this noble one should just become a prophet.”

Veera was speechless. Just as he was processing her answer, suddenly he squinted his eyes and said chillingly, “Hehe, so it was royal mother’s idea all along to come in this rainy weather. I should have known better. May I asked the esteemed royal mother what brought you here then? Or….could it be you just wanted to enjoy the scenery?”

Alia looked at him coquettishly before swiftly speaking with her mouth covered by one of her hand, “Ara, looks like our noble son got furious because I was reckless. Hai, I am blessed to have such a caring son. “

Mayuri, his mother spoke gently as she shook her head, “No son. We had nothing to do and indeed were worried about you. That was partly one of the reasons why we came here. But more importantly, we bring news. Seems like your father and brothers are arriving today.”

“Father is arriving today?” Veera was surprised with the unexpected reply that came out of nowhere. Regarding his father, He had a very complicated place for him in his heart. For Veera, his father was a man like no other. Since he was very small, his father took great care of him in his upbringing and loved him unconditionally even though Veera did not have much to show in his talents unlike his brothers (until much later on). If Veera wanted something, then his father will make sure he gets it the very next day. But even after all this love and care, Veera began to feel that his father was hiding some secret from him and this was all a veil. It just that he can’t figure out what was wrong? Nor did he found anything suspicious in his conduct. Part of the reason why he wanted to become wise also stemmed from his father. That’s why instead of love, Veera had a deep reverence and respect for his father.

Everyone sank into silence for a while; each having their own thoughts on this matter.

Alia was the first one to break the silence. She looked wistful as she spoke,” You both mother and sons are really lucky. At least, you have each other to talk to when you want whether in times of need or joy. As for me, even though I had two sons. I could talk with none of them. *sigh* It becomes so hard for me sometimes. “

Mayuri couldn’t take it anymore. “It’s strange coming from someone who just went on a spree last night. If anything rather than making yourself look lonely, you are making me feel uncomfortable inside. Enough nonsense, you already have us. That’s what it matters.”

“Indeed. Royal Mother, this noble son will always be with you.” Veera joined in to cheer her up.

“Ha-ha, seems like this woman is still loved by a few people. Enough nonsense indeed, let’s head back. We need to do some preparations.” Alia smiled as she spoke. No one knew what she was thinking.

At night, Veera was in his chambers studying quietly.

The atmosphere was peaceful and still until a maid came over with a message.

“Third Young master Veera, your father had arrived just two and a half hours ago and now wants to meet you. You are requested to meet him in his library.” She kneeled as she spoke.

“Father wants to meet me now?hmm. Ok, I have heard. You may go now.”

The maid nodded silently and went back on her duties.

Veera no longer had any time or the mood to study. He immediately closed his books and went towards the Lords Library.

“That’s weird. Father could have directly met me, why send a message for that?”

“Don’t tell me after coming back he directly went to his bed with my moms to do his thing. And now he wants to fuck me now.”

As these gibberish thoughts were going on in his mind. He stumbled upon someone.

“Oi! Can’t you damn walk properly? You fu-AH!” He was about to curse, but it got stuck in his throat.

The reason being-

“Well, well look if it’s not our very own baby brother?”

“He seems to have grown, isn’t it?”

Both of the two voices contained hints of love and longing as if they hadn’t seen their beloved puppy for quite a long time.

They were, of course, Veeras half-brothers – Karna (Karn shortly) Yadu and Rai Yadu.

Veeras eldest brother Karna was the embodiment of everything he could never hope to be. It was said that when Karna was born, the sun never set for two days straight. At that time, Yadu family was at war with one of the factions. The Hindus were already on the verge of extinction after the Great War. Fearing that the Yadu family will again grow powerful if Karna comes into this world, they dispatched assassins to kill Alia before she even gives birth. It was a well-known fact that Hindu female immortals lose all of their powers during the phase of giving birth of a baby, due to the destabilization, huge energy consumption and unbalanced constitution building up in their body for months. At this stage, they are even more helpless than a mere mortal. And sadly, Alia was no different.

They captured her, tore her clothes, burnt all her hairs, tortured her and just when they were about to dishonor her. The sound of a baby crying resounded throughout the firmament.

Sunlight flashed from the sky like never seen before.

The skies shook, the animals howled, the land cracked. The elves whispered; the celestial lion gazed.

It only meant one thing. One of the gods had gone mad.

Three burning stallions descended from the sky, each one brighter than the last covering the sky like a star in a full moon. They came burning like a phoenix but possessed the ferocity of a dragon in rage. Within ten breadths, they entered the atmosphere and in seven blinks of eyes touched the land.


The land burned, the victims cried as they were being burned alive. They felt ten times the pain Alia felt. Someone saw their son being burnt, others found their daughter burnt.

Regrets!!!Great Regrets was all they felt.

But alas!! They were too late.

After three hours only silence reigned, no one was crying anymore.

The land laid barren, its flourishing trees and wildlife gone.

The mother laid bare with a white cloth covering her and a baby with the symbol of the setting sun on his forehead on her side.

This was how Karna was born and his legend begun.

As for Veeras second brother, he was even more overbearing. At the age of twelve, he completed his education of 37 subjects consisting of theology, advanced mathematics, rational science, royal ethics, astronomy, Advanced Arcane studies and many others. Through this at the mere age of sixteen, he killed a man. He was not a simple man though; he came from a world which he called earth. He boasted immense knowledge. Rai did not like his arrogance, he went to talk to him. That man did not seem to like him as well. They held a tournament. After a very bitter fight, Rai won. He threw his beheaded head into the river the very next day.

One could imagine the pressure Veera felt living under the shadow of his two monsters of brothers.

But now looking at them, trying their best to coax Veera, one will just think of them as clowns straight out of a circus.

“Baby brother, look at me. I bought sweets for you from Fenlai. Say ah!?” – Karna

“Nope, Baby brother. Forget this damn fucker! He even forgot his own money purse. A responsible brother should always carry his purse to bring sweets and gifts for baby brother, isn’t it?” – Rai

Veera sighed. One will wonder if he was really lucky or unlucky to born in this family?

"Elder Brother Karn, Elder Brother Rai when did you all arrived? Why wasn't I informed of your arrival?" Veera interrogated sadly while ignoring the fiasco that his brothers were putting on.

"Oh, we arrived just one hour ago. Father arrived earlier than us because Rai wanted to buy Kamasutra*cough *cough I meant to do some stuff, yeah. That's it." Karna replied while making an odd face.

"Words wield power, brother Karn. You should wield it wisely. Don't make me spill the beans of your doings in Fenlai to baby brother." Rai bellowed loudly.

"Where are you going now? You just arrived right?Why don't you stay for a while?I get so lonely here.Our mothers get so lonely here?"

Veera cried as he spoke.

"That's what we wanted to do initially. But who would have thought? Another S-ranked mission will be issued to us before we even reached the main halls of the palace. Thus, We are now going to the countryside to do....some stuff, yeah. You know the same old, killing baddies and all? Don't worry though we are just going for a short while, father will be staying here this time and we have already talked to mother. We have heard you took great care of her greatly. Well done, BOI!! After all, It should not be that surprising. You are my brother, Karna's brother alone." Karna looked proud as a peacock as he spoke.

"Right, right.WAIT!! No shit. He is MY brother. Not fucking yours? How many times do I have to tell you? Has your brain been kicked by a cow now?" Rai was nodding like a sage when he bellowed again.

"But I wanted to go with you.....I wonder when I will grow big?" Veera was still sad.

This time though, his brothers sensed the seriousness of the issue.

"Hey, look at me. You know there is nothing fun about growing up. I used to have the same line of thought as you when I was small. When will I grow up? When will I help my father? When will I help my mother? Well, I will tell you the truth its all a fucking trap. It's true when you are small, you don't have much freedom. But do you know what is the best thing about being small? You don't have any responsibilities as well. You can use what little freedom you have to unlimited use, that's the beauty of being small. When you grow up, you will get freedom. But what is the use? You will get responsibilities as big as the world. Forget using freedom, you will even feel uncomfortable breathing sometimes. It is as if the entire weight of the world has fallen upon you. See, that long sword on my back? Yeah. That one at most weighs 2Kgs (4.5lbs) in reality but when I use it to kill someone its as if I am holding a large boulder. It feels good, won't lie about that. But this feeling is not something one should yearn for. That's why baby brother, I don't want you to grow at all. And you seem kind of cute this way after all. Yeah, like this. Much better now."

Karna patted his head with affection.

This time Rai kneeled before him and said, " Don't ever be sad alright. You should know, we brothers are always there for you before anything else. I still remember the day when you first said, "Brother, Hug, Hug!!". I felt so proud hearing that. Karna felt that too. Actually, he felt that twice. So it will not matter to him much. But it mattered to me. It really did. That's why as long as I, Rai Yadava, Son of God will breathe in this world. Nobody, by that I mean nobody. From this world or from outside, mortal or immortal, god or demon, reincarnated or not it doesn't matter. I won't let him or her touch my family, let alone you brother. That's my oath to you. Anyone who manages to harm you will directly mean I have already died. So, enjoy as much you can. Let your brothers do the hard task."

At that time, Veera probably did not know the value of the words that his two brothers said to him. But he at least knew it was something important. 

"Ok, enough drama. We are getting late for the mission. Rai, grip up. Veera, I have heard father is calling you. Go take these sweets along with you. Give great mother (Veeras mother) my regards. We will meet her later on. And yeah, stay safe and happy." Karna hurried up and went on his way with a slight tear in his eyes.

"Yeah, I am such a pussy. Anyways, delaying fathers call is unwise. I will go now."

As his brothers were going out. Veera looked at their backs. It seemed so large. He wondered how much responsibilities and hardships did they took on their shoulders to become this strong?

With this thought, he slowly entered the Lords library. The Lords library was a huge room where books can be seen put up on the shelves as far the eyes could see. In one corner there was a desk clock that was higher than Veera. It was a high-quality object. On the other corner, there were tools for various observations.

At this moment, in the faraway corner of the room. A long white-haired old man was looking at the stars from a large window pane. He seemed to be thinking of something. His black eyes were so profound that one could sink into it just at a glance. He was wearing a long golden robe, with his hands on his back. His tall shadow could be seen looming throughout the room due to the moonlight.

The flames in the fireplace which was located at the center of the room burned, constantly crackling and popping.

Veera kept silent for a long while waiting for his father to start the conversation.

The clock suddenly rang.

After a long while, his father noticed him. "oh son, you have arrived. Good good."

"It is indeed I, father." Veera greeted him.

"We have much to discuss. Let's start with the formalities first. Tea or coffee?" His father smiled at him.


//Synchronisation 10%

[[Reached Checkpoint:: 01: Boys will be Boys.]]

saving...creating restore point...


A note from rexdhru

Think of Veeras family as a family of Itachi Uchiha's. Each one more genius than the last.

I did not want to give any chance for the readers to say, "Oh, I could have done better."

No, boy. In this world, you can't.

Even a kid knows advanced mathematics by the age of 11? Go get some coke.

You can only enjoy this world. Keep it that way.

The best thing. I am a Hindu. And immortals actually relied on knowledge for their cultivation. We have records on that. And Vedic mathematics is also a thing. Go watch TED videos for that,

 And about the Sync tab that you see at the bottom. Don't worry it has nothing to do with the story, at least not right now. It is for marking up important milestones and to give you specific details regarding MC's progress in this milestones.

I just love AsCreed and with the recent Origins being a hit. I just had to add this.

[[Today's Historical Facts:-

Kautilya - A royal advisor from Ancient India. He wrote the treatise Arthashastra. He was a philosopher, an economist, and a jurist. He was the pioneer of Indian Politics and Economics.  For his cynical personality and visions. Historians regard him to be the Niccolò Machiavelli of India.

Kamasutra - A popular classic work. It is an ancient sacred Hindu text and is considered to be the standard work of human sexual behavior. It contains all things related to sex, how to have sex, how to have GR8 sex? Yep, British managed to make a western adaption of it.  Ancient Indians were very open-minded, it seemed. We even have a temple related to sex, *cough*cough which has been now banned. 




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