Destroy your new life, repair it, destroy it again by doing crazy things while screaming YOLO!

by ClemCa

Original HIATUS Adventure Comedy Fantasy Sci-fi Anti-Hero Lead Magic Male Lead Reader interactive Reincarnation Strategy Strong Lead Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

While doing one of my roleplay, I had the idea to create a story in this world.

With my crazy mind and crazy plot twists, this story is a full comedy (for now, it's possible it becomes something other in no time). The chapters are a bit short, but like this there won't be any fillers!

If there is errors please say me I'm French so it's possible for me to do some.

If you want to mess with the plot of the story, just read at the end of the text.

So, here is the synopsis :

There is a world divided between two gigantic powers: the Empire, and Nyggloth. The first have a control over an entire continent of tens of thousands of kilometers wide, the second, is a 3,000 km wide island!

The Empire is full of gods, heroes and powerful mages.

The only reason the Nyggloth is able to resist to the Empire is because of one man: Merlin.

100 years ago, an unknow continent, Khan, until now hidden, was revealed to the world. It was like the population of the continent disappeared... On it, entire cities, skyscrapers, and futurist buildings... And Merlin. Merlin was not only the only one who knows technology and how to use it, but also was extremely powerful in magic. Having no choice, Nyggloth accepted an aggreement that stated that if Merlin protect Nyggloth, then half of the power will be ceded to him. After ten years of battle, Nyggloth unexpectedly won the war...

Today after 90 years of peace, nothing happens between Nyggloth and the Empire... Until our MC, Moar, show up, and do about everything he wants.

This story is letting a big way for the fun, and there will be approximatively a chapter per week, so, enjoy!

All the interactive part (more rarely recently) take place in this discord (the polls are in it):

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: "Who’s the idiot who gave birth to him?" ago
Always wanting something OR how to fail your new life ago
The heroes are a pain in the ass, they interrupt you all the time... ago
Oh shit, which one is it already OR the cliff is so high that we need to go down ago
The bakery OR titanic mana fart ago
Jesus OR how to aggro one’s duvet ago
My middle name is Arthur OR oops I overdid it a bit ago
Paperwork OR when your soul is too heavy ago
One year without doing anything OR I’m finally dead hooray ago
Exit of the vagina OR childhood trauma ago
Assassination attempt OR kawaii, desu ne? ago
My hand is talking to me OR talk to my hand! ago
The scram operation OR the supreme stone ago
The scram operation OR the supreme stone ago
When I grow up, I’ll be a mortal enemy OR the karma is a vicious circle! ago
Stop cliché-san, don’t come any closer OR let me sleep ago
Appearance of the 5th wall OR guillotine! ago
Deranged marriage or bullshitometer at +[insert_infinite_here_rrl_transform_it_in_8]! ago
Spot check OR the affair of the locked-classroom! ago
Struggling is useless OR it’s the taking part that counts! ago
Jean-Kevin the kikoo OR Homo Internetus! ago
Uncle Moar, tell us a filler OR use a condom at least! ago
Politically incorrect OR did you finish with revelations? You won’t do one next chapter, right? ago
The tragedy OR that sweet and gentle taste that destroys a friendship. ago
No revelations OR rule n°1 (1) ago
No revelations or rule n°1 (2) ago
No revelations or rule n°1 (3) ago
A human? Like, of the human species? An earthling? Like, from Earth? ago
Hook OR social networks ago
My friend Adolf OR panic on the city ago
Low-key OR and his name is… (1) ago
Low-key OR and his name is… (2) ago
Detective Conar OR the gap… ago
Some details without importance OR MDF… ago
My wife is a tabbouleh OR fuck your dead elders! ago
Philia-mania OR Dnim! ago
It’s only a goodbye OR to infinity and beyond! ago
A crossover to refresh the story OR MC takeover ago
Amon OR sword too weak ago
Re:Amon, poll OR fuck that shit ago
What hell really looks like OR a never-ending day ago
50 shades of steel OR a not very shared joy ago
Notice ago
Parallel universes OR misunderstood genius ago
The danger OR sense of déjà vu (1) ago
Danger OR sense of déjà vu (2) ago
Who wants churross OR Rofl wur u (1) ago
Notice ago
Who wants churross OR Rofl wur u (2) ago
Fantastic OR Dazzling ago
A plan going as expected OR Is it even possible ago
Spatial fold theory OR Ambition ago
The Seed ago
A whole magic system for a trick ago
The duty of the talented ago
Slow and Steady ago
A change of plan OR CIJ ago
The Path To Godhood. ago
A fresh start ago
Moar Gakuen ago
Grand Opening ago
Notice ago
Racing for the average? Do they? ago
The End Of One, The Start Of Many ago
A Deadly Party - Part 1 ago
A Deadly Party - Part 2 ago
The birth of the student council. ago
The line between Genius and Insanity ago

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Extremely Funny Story!

Great story, one would think this is your typical reincarnation story but they are wrong! this is so much more,funny,crazy and whatever other adjectives you can use.

A breath of french air in the over used but still great reincarnation genre!.


Very funny and really interesting, a pity there is only chapter per week