All of The Angels

All of The Angels

by Cassidy_Lilly

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Heaven and Hell are at war.  New Gods must be chosen -or the fight will last forever. 

God has left.  The Devil has disappeared.  Questions have become worthless as no one has the answers. 

Lexi Valentine is one of the dead.  Forced into the fight between Heaven and Hell she must win the game and become the Devil, or risk losing everything.   

Paradise has been destroyed and two sides remain.  Power is governed by special abilities called 'Talents'.  Players that die respawn and must find a way to make an impact again.  

This is a story about regret and prosperity and a fight for what is right, even when everything points towards wrong.  It is a story about a character's journey into herself through death, through betrayal, and through the game of war that will ultimately shape who she becomes.   

Everyone is an Angel in the world of Heaven and Hell, and at the same time, all of the Angels are gone.   


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As of chapter 10.

This holds a wonderful narrative that gives just the right amount of information at every turn and leads one wanting more. The grammar is in the 85th percentile (top 15%) of RRL fictions. There are a few moments when it will pull you out of the story, but they are not common (and the story is compelling enough to keep you engaged). The dialog really stands out as the best aspect of the work, with an interesting world and plot coming in behind it. The action scenes still need a little work, but this is the only serious drawback in style. The characters are believable so far, but it's a little to early to judge if they will be fully fleshed out (that is not a failing of the writing so far, it's just too soon to tell).

On the whole I am following the work with hope towards the future, and may come back and edit the review as time goes on.


I'm just five chapters in, but the story seems pretty good.  I enjoy the style of writing and the general premise as explained so far.  I wanted to give 4.5 stars, but that seemed a touch too hasty.