Demon King's Downfall


Just a Rookie

New story (If you want to read it of course.) also a thank you


A note from Just a Rookie

Long story short you can find my new story here.

It feels kind of weird advertising my story in a story that I drop, but some people said they wanted a link to my story, so there's my excuse. And also I feel my new story has quite a lot of similarities between my old one. (Hell some characters might make an appearance in this)

So if you like my old story, you'll probably like this one, probably. Anyway enough with advertising. I like properly thank you guys for the messages you left on my old chapter even though its been three months and I haven't replied. Just want you to know I read them. My awkwardness just stops me from properly replying

Seriously thank you again, even if you guys don't join my new story, just want you to know I appreciate it, but still, it'll be nice to see some familiar faces in my new story.

Once again thanks for reading.


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Bio: I name myself Rookie. If that doesn't tell you I have self-esteem issues, then I don't know what will.

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