I'm (Sort of) an Expert on Ghosts

by Cho

Original COMPLETED Comedy Historical Romance Supernatural

Tsunoda Naoki is a ghost expert! Maybe. Okay, not really. He just pretends to be one, scraping a living by putting the easily-spooked at ease. But his luck seems to run out when he's suddenly got a real ghost to deal with. He can't even see this spirit, let alone exorcise her—and to complicate matters further she apparently seems to like Naoki… a lot. Is this ghost hunt a romantic comedy or a tragic horror? Artwork by hachikuro.

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My kokoro is aching~

Just what my titles says, after reading through the chapters(chapter 9 while I'm writing this), my kokoro aches~


For the most part, I think the story is very well done. This is probably—not an understatement—the most interesting story in first person that I came across to in Royal Road. The style of writing really depicts what the character feels for the most part and the mc's monologue were just plain awesome. As in a way that it makes me want to read more. 


For the grammar part....

There were times when a word was missing a letter, probably due to typing fast or something like that, but not something that could impede your immersion in the story.  I even feel like this was written by a professional author.


Overall I greatly enjoyed this novel and hope that many more penguins from Royal Road would give it a try. To you out there who wants to take a break from the norm these days, I would suggest reading this one asap, you won't regret it.




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A Story that NEEDS more attention

This story is one of the few stories in RoyalRoad that actually finished. It is very professional and neat. It even has illustrations! It is basically an English Light Novel.

The story can be funny, relaxing, depressing, thrilling and action packed. It is very interesting and well done. No lose ends and plot holes can be found.

The characters are also fleshed out and have that authentic feel to them. They grow as the story goes on.

The grammar is great. If the author edits his typos (words missing letters) which are already rare. It would be perfect.

The genre is of this story is not common in RoyalRoad. Most people will probably look past it because of that. I admit people come to RoyalRoad for RPG-esque stories. People however need something different once in a while right? And this story is in the same site just one click away.

A Ghost Story/ Romance/ Comedy/ Horror is not really popular right now. The story and writing however is good and even if you don’t like the genre I suggest you give it a try.

Just look at it the effort the author and artist put in this Light Novel is amazing. The author and artist should edit and publish it.


Plus it’s FREE

(well everything on this site is free but you get the point)


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the story is interesting and the drawings just make it better cant say how good it is yet just 2 chapters so far keep it up tho :D ...

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Absolutely fantastic! 


I don't have the knowledge to use fancy terms to describe this story and why I think it's so good. How I judge a story is based on how well the story comes to life in my mind. How immersed I get in it. How real the characters feel.


So, saying that, it wouldn't surprise me if I was told that this was based on a true story. It felt like a real location, with real people, with real interactions.


This story makes me want to go back to reading published stories. I still have a small bookcase full of books that I’ve picked up at various places that I haven’t read.


There’s something so satisfying about reading a truly professional work.

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Was a good read, professional grade work in my opinion.

Hope this gets more exposure, it sure deserves it.

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<3 love this ghost story <3


Read it in one go, the pace is good and the character lovable.

Thanks for this great story <3

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I LOVE IT!!!! the story somehow have this mysterious aura I can't describe...

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I found this story while searching for some fantasy novel to waste my time upon it and I stubled on this fiction. At first I was reluctant to read it as I was expecting some light hearted story about a ghozt and a guy love story but oh boy how happy I was to find out I was wrong.

This fiction has a really nice style. It is quite rare to find a story told in first person and actually doing it greatly, not just descriping what main character see and does. Story is realistic and without plot holes (As far as I can see) but still interesting.It is also nice to see how author can descripe the time of the story just by MC interactions with objects and people. This work is on par with profesional authors and that why I give this story 4.5 stars. The only problem to me was that the story progressed too fast - a lot of stuff happens in a single day, lightly slipping from realisric type of writing.

Story is quite an unusual one compared to this side as the whole story Follows a life of a pretend to be ghost hunter and it first encounter with a real ghost. Cant say much more without spoiling it so I give this story 5 stars (I migh be wrong but I feel this story was a bit inzpirited by mushishi anime, if you like this story - check it out).

Grammar is really nice, only noticed 2-3 mistakes in the whole story (might be more as I might have missed as my main language isint English) and it is impresive even by book standarts, not even comparable to regular rrl stories. 5 stars.

And this is the part where I feel the story is lacking - characters. Now dont get me wrong, characters have their own personalities and are quite interesting to read, but they lack influence in the story. It might be because it is quite a short story (by rrl standarts), but I feel like I could cut out a few characters out and there wouldnt be much of a diffirence. I also noticed that even though mc is quite well constructed and realistic he is too calm in this whole story. Meet a real ghost? Lets just play a board game, got possesed? Lets just go with the flow, suddently have to fight against really strong ghost l? React calmly and calculated to everything. My main point is that if author made a bit more less calm and show him more in distress it would make mc more relatable ( I might gave ranted a bit). Overal I score characters with 4 stars.

It is quite a gem I found and Im quite surprised by the lack of popularity of this story. It is way above most of thr rrl stories and I would reccomend it to read it.