Protection of the Vheil – Re-integration

Protection of the Vheil – Re-integration

by Enarthuralitides

Original HIATUS Fantasy LitRPG Magic Reincarnation
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

The Vheil has protected us for the last 250 thousand years, somehow it has been forgotten and all our stories of monsters and myths have gone from fact to fantasy. We should have been preparing. We should have remembered. Now the Vheil is gone and the System is back in control, with it comes all the good and the bad.

A fantasy LITRPG writer lays in his hospital bed as the system comes back online, an 87 year old man, Unfortunately he dies, while the integration is in progress. But his luck must be astounding, as instead of his soul going into the sea of souls to be clensed and reborn, the systems calls for a soul while the sea is locked for reintegration, in the .00000014 seconds that it is locked his soul is the only soul availible for a newborn, born on the same moment he had died. 

This is his story, be it long or short, Heroic or Villianous. 

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This is a good start to a book I hope you keep going with.