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The fight starts, and I felt a little dizzy but compared to the other two times it is nothing. I wanted to humiliate Erica in that moment. I determine that I wouldn’t use my powers or techniques vs. Erica. Erica was strong, but with this new power, my speed and strength should have been enough. A bell rung signal the start of the fight. I ran right at Erica and gave her a straight right. Erica, with a simple move, dodge the attack. It left me surprise but that just mean I needed to move faster. Erica gave me a little smile. Oh boy, that tick me off to no end. My body caught on fire. No, no elements. I calmed my mind and looked at Erica. I feint a punch and try to kick her. She didn’t fall for the feint. I should have noticed something was wrong. Erica fell for my feints before, but now she wasn’t. The air inside of the room was heaver; If I wasn’t so arrogant, I would have noticed something was wrong. Instead, I was a big dummy. I started to throw even more attacks and in locations that should have been impossible to dodge or even retaliate. Yet, she was getting hits in also at the opportune moments she was freezing my limbs.
I easily broke out of all of her meager freezing attempts, but they were slowly slowing me down. I was moving like a caveman trying to kill his prey and Erica was dancing around me, like as if she was reading my mind and made a dance routine while I look like a moron. As we fought, Erica started to change tactics. She went from dodging and freezing my limbs to attack me with all different elements. She jumps backwards and creates a huge lightning lance. She pulls back and throws it with all of her might. I catch it and throws it back at her. This force her to dodge once again. After she dodges this time, she creates an ice scythe. She gives it a twirl and slams it on the ground. The ground started to freeze. The entire room froze over. I kick the ice that attaches itself to my foot. I thought to myself Erica is dumb trying to freeze the floor. It wouldn't affect me. I kick the ground and charge once again at Erica.
She picks up her scythe and gives it a huge swing. A pillar of ice shoots out of it and right towards me. I easily dodge the attack but something unexpert happen. Erica sent both another pillar of ice and with her left hand threw a lightning spear. This took me aback. She is doing something I couldn’t even do. Erica controlled both elements at once. This shouldn’t have been possible, but it was happening right before my eyes. I got angry this girl has so much talent but refused to use it and instead read books. Instead of running, I wanted to prove that even though she was the talented, she cannot complete against me. I catch the spear and throw it at the ice. They clash and both attack canceled each other out. Something struck me from behind. I turn around and Erica had skates on throwing fire balls at me.
I started to laugh. She is throwing out all the tricks in this fight but that means crap in front of me. I easily dodge her attack and runs after her. I can run as fast as she was on those skates on this ice. No, I was faster. I chase her catching up to her. Erica turns around and swings her scythe. A huge wall appears before me. I punch right through it will little effort. The falling piece of the wall pin me to the ground. I look up and Erica was looking at me with a smile on her face. She slams her scythe on the ground; I started to freeze. There were two layers of attacks that pinned me to the ground. Erica slams her scythe on the ground repeating but each time her scythe was changing to a different element. No, only did she use over one element at once but also her changing was so smooth it was an art. Fire, lighting, ice, and earth the scythe was changing to the element in succession. Each time a something different would happen. The first time she turned her scythe into fire. It made a circle of fire and each time it turned back to fire the circle burned hotter and hotter. Lightning causes lightning strikes to hit me repeatedly. The earth causes my blinds to become the studier. Last the ice was freezing all of my body parts. As I was getting attack repeatedly made me realize that I have lost. Before she froze, my head I call for a surrender.
At the end of the match I was lying on the ground have a difficult time breathing and Erica simple pick up her book and said “the other two fights were harder than this, learn that I am just as smart as you. You cannot beat me in raw strength no matter how strong your arrogance will be your downfall.”

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