Shadow’s World

Shadow’s World

by waleuska

Think of avatar the last air bender vs pokemon/digimon cross over. But instead of pokemon/digimon it is movie monsters better yet fantasy monsters. With a story.  

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
This is not the First chapter it is a tier list and explanation about this story. ago
1. Homecoming ago
chapter 2 ago
Chapter 3. Sigh My Progeny ago
Chapter 4. Monster ago
Chapter 5 annoying people ago
chapter 6 Team ago
My Evil older sister chapter 7 part 1. ago
chapter 7 part 2 ago
last part chapter 7 ago
chapter 8 summoned ago
fairy fight chapter 9 ago
Chapter 10 chilling with a God ago
Chapter 11 bunny ship ago
Inside of the ship chapter 12 ago
chapter 13 every story is real ago
chapter 14 nothing but ants ago
Teachers fight chapter 15 ago
chapter 16 The shadow is born. ago
chapter 17 where it all started. ago
Chapter 18 The Shadow. ago
chapter 19 mars ago
chapter 20 The shadow is learning. ago
chapter 21 meeting Onyx ago
12. inside of the bunny ago
13. Every Story does have truth behind them ago
14. Well never Mind this guy is the DEVIL!!!! ago
15. They are our Teachers? ago
16 The Shadow is born ago
17. Where it all started ago
18. The shadow is complex ago
19. Mars ago
21. ROAR ago
22. Dragon vs ago
23. Dragon VS Kraken ago
22. Dragon vs ago
23. Dragon vs Roc and White tiger ago
24. Dragons vs Krakens and Jormugandr ago
2. The shadow is Free ago
25. A workout ago
26. Training ago
27. Element traing ago
29. Element training part 2 ago
30. elemental training part 3 ago
31.finish element training ago
32. Vacation ago
1.Coming home ago
Part 33. Wait what ago
34.War is coming ago
35. Spiders!!!! ago
36. Listen to Erica ago
37. The Talk ago
38.Game part 1 ago
39. Game part 2 ago
40. The game part 3 ago
41. The Game Part 4 ago
43. Game night End. ago
44. God put rules on the planet ago
45. Even more teachers. ago
45. Immorality Sucks!!!!!!!!!!!! ago
45. Immorality Sucks!!!!!!!!!!!! ago
47. No training for 3 years ago
Did I just die? ago
49. Isis and Me ago
50. Isis vs Ares (part 1) ago
52. Isis vs Ares ago
51. Isis vs. Ares ago
52. What should I do? ago
53. Losers ago
54. Can't kill It ago
55. School fight part 1 ago
56. School fight part 2 ago
57. School fight part 3 ago
58. Erica Quits ago
59.My Mission ago
60. True enemies ago
Intermission ago
Part 61 Dragons ago
62. Light means crazy ago
63. My last fairy is a cute kitty ago
64. Training part 2. ago
65. Traning part 2 ago
66. Emily’s training ago
67. Emily’s training part 2 ago
68. Isis's backstory ago
69. Isis back story part 2 ago
70. Isis’s back story part 3 ago
71. Isis’s back story part 4 ago
72. Isis back story part 5 ago
73 isis back story part 6 ago
74 isis back story part 6 ago
4 cardinal beasts ago
chapter 22 meeting chris's fairies ago
Leaving Home. ago
chapter 23 Unicorns are mean ago
Control your own Destiny ago
24 The shadow in space. ago
Meeting a grandmother ago
Super is worst than GT. ago
Teachers ago
feelings ago
kishimoto can't write female characters. ago
Gohan Buu saga fixing it. ago
team ago
Ice ago
waiting ago
infiltate 3 ago
Fight ago
no chapter today ago
Understanding ago
harry potter ago
showing part 1 ago
showing part 2 ago
secret identities are dumb. ago
Breaking through ago
moives hollywood. ago
Spider and Rabbit. ago
mary sue ago
waking up again. ago
dragon lesson ago
Break ago
librarian ago
Light ago
hello ago
Contest ago
contest part 2 ago
contest part 3 ago

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I want to read this story, I really do. From the description, this seems like the kind of story that I like to read.

But those long walls of text are incredibly off putting. Your grammer is not absolutely terrible but needs to be touched up by someone who knows better. 

I hope that this gets edited and made into the gem that it seems to be.


I can only describe this novel as physically unpleasant to read.  The grammar and syntax are so choppy that I find myself having to read and reread paragraphs to try and understand what is going on.  I am unsure if paragraph structure counts as part of syntax, but then again, I very rarely have to comment about paragraph structure at all so I suppose it generally doesn't matter.

This web serial desperately needs to break up it's dialogue into their own sepereate paragraphs.  Parsing through the words of the three sepereate people talking in the very first section of dialogue was unpleasant and made reading difficult.

It certainly did not help that breaking the conversation down revealed it to be nonense bordering on pure gibberish.  The lack of proper contect is exacerbated by the grammar errors as well; I am honestly unsure if Zeus, the god, exists, if 'Zeus' is a title given to powerful users of lightning, or if this is some kind of multiverse where there are multiple 'Zeuses.' (For lack of a better term.  Multiples of pronouns which end in 's' are simply unpleasant)

Getting more than a few paragraphs into this story would be difficult, and I would recommend even the least discerning reader to not spend the effort to try.  From what I can understand, even if it was edited, the story would be unlikely to reach beyond a 'barely passable' level, and even that is likely being overly generous.