Mourning Glory

by PublicApology

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

A year and a half after Elizabeth's suicide, Sara Mera's life settles back to normalcy from a battle of depression. Sara's life is thrown back into that pit of darkness when her hand in the suicide is exposed to the world. In a negative state of mind, she meets the girl who was Elizabeth's best friend who is still suffering from her death.  Afraid another tragedy will happen, Sara selfishly becomes friends with the girl but never expected that she would be the one who light's up Sara's world in the darkness. Bound by fate and desire the two develop a friendship they never expected and fall in love despite their wishes.



This is also a side story of another novel called Petrichor I've written so a lot of elements are left unexplained. I recommend reading my other Novel, In The Grass for the story of Elizabeth's Character. 

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A tragic and beautiful story

This is the story of a fight for happiness, a fight to live beyond her depression and find joy beyond belief.  It's a touching story, a sad story that made me cry multiple times, but it really did touch me in a way that I never could have expected.  I found myself taken on a journey of friendship and love, a story brimming with emotion and meaning.  I think that all of us can learn from this story, and all of us can be touched by it.

Give this a try.  You won't regret it.


A beautiful coming of age story about finding peace in the darkness. Sara's depression is highly relatable and her journey to the light isn't cut and dry like many others. This story tells the journey of a unlikely friendship that turns into a forbidden love.

Although each character isn't as fleshed out as Freyja and Sara, I don't think it makes the story any less bad. You can feel the relationship Sara already has with her brother and new family.


I found the metaphor to be perticulary intriguing. I think the most interesting was Sara's cigeratte. It took me a while to understand what it meant. There were quite a few more that I won't get into detail but they're quite clever.


Overall, This story is highly emotional, I found myself crying more than I thought. Towards the end there is a lesson that I think everyone should know about and live by. It's touching and amazing and I recommend a read.


Really loved the story with the deep emotions the story gave you.

Also good grammar with good spacing, which makes the story even more enjoyable