Silva's Diary - Zero no Tsukaima

by SilvaLau

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Female Lead Gender Bender LitRPG Magic Martial Arts Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reader interactive Reincarnation School Life Supernatural

This story is set a few decades in the future of Halkeginia, a world from the popular light novel series, Zero no Tsukaima. A lot of things have changed over the past few decades, such as the emergence of the Demon Lord, the Dungeons, the Adventurer Guild, the co-existence between all kinds of races, and so on.

This is the story of Saito's daughter and her new familiar. On an auspicious day, a young maiden performed a familiar summoning spell, what she summoned was an Elven princess who was in a comatose state for more than a decade now. Meanwhile, a young man got involved in an accident on Earth, his soul which was supposed to depart for the Underworld was caught up in the summoning, and is now in possession of the body.

Come and join our young protagonists on their journey in this whole new world as they uncover the truth hidden behind a veil.

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Crossover: Zero no Tsukaima, Mahou Sensei Negima, Coiling Dragon, Maple Story, Re:Monster, Rage of Bahamut, Tales of Zestiria, Ubel Blatt


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
[Vol 1] Prologue: A New Beginning ago
[Vol 1] Chapter 1: A Unique Familiar ago
[Vol 1] Chapter 2: The Mystery Unresolved ago
[Vol 1] Chapter 3: The Chaos in the Forest ago
[Vol 1] Chapter 4: Innate Ability ago
[Vol 1] Chapter 5: My First Battle ago
[Vol 1] Chapter 6: The Dungeon Town, Swinford ago
[Vol 1] Chapter 7: The Night at the Inn ago
[Vol 1] Chapter 8: Transmutation Master, Sebastian ago
[Vol 1] Chapter 9: Magic Aptitude Test ago
[Vol 1] Chapter 10: Evangeline A.K McDowell ago
[Vol 1] Chapter 11: Intense Marksmanship Test ago
[Vol 1] Chapter 12: The Legendary Artifact ago
[Vol 1] Chapter 13: The Mana Stone ago
[Vol 1] Chapter 14: Teardrop Earring ago
[Vol 1] Chapter 15: The Abyss Beast ago
[Vol 1] Chapter 16: The Awakening Powers ago
[Vol 2] Prologue: The Guild Card ago
[Vol 2] Chapter 1: Analyzing Elemental Laws ago
[Vol 2] Chapter 2: Summoned Hero ago
[Vol 2] Chapter 3: Demon Lord, Logia ago
[Vol 2] Chapter 4: Wannabe Mage ago
[Vol 2] Chapter 5: Confession ago
[Vol 2] Chapter 6: Power Ranking ago
[Vol 2] Chapter 7: The Importance of Spiritual Power ago
[Vol 2] Chapter 8: The Secret of The Weapon? ago
[Vol 2] Chapter 9: The Weapon's Secret Revealed ago
[Vol 2] Chapter 10: Beast Form ago
[Vol 2] Chapter 11: Kept in the Dark Pt. 1 ago
[Vol 2] Chapter 12: Kept in the Dark Pt. 2 ago
[Vol 2] Chapter 13: Falling from Heaven ago
[Vol 2] Chapter 14: The Will to Survive! ago
[Vol 2] Chapter 15: The Chaotic Sky ago
[Vol 2] Chapter 16: Bond of Equal ago
[Vol 2] Chapter 17: The Black Goblin ago
[Vol 2] Chapter 18: The Conclusion ago
[Vol 2] Chapter 19: Quality of the Strongest ago
[Vol 2] Chapter 20: The Goblin Trio ago
[Vol 2] Chapter 21: The Aftermath ago
[Vol 3] Prologue: The Power of Spirits ago
[Vol 3] Chapter 1: My First Kiss?! ago
[Vol 3] Chapter 2: An Angel Descended ago
[Vol 3] Chapter 3: Soul Mutation ago
[Vol 3] Chapter 4: Essence of the Soul ago
[Vol 3] Chapter 5: Complete Revival ago
[Vol 3] Chapter 6: Local Deity ago
[Vol 3] Chapter 7: Divine Fox ago
[Vol 3] Chapter 8: Negotiation ago
[Vol 3] Chapter 9: Armatization! ago
[Vol 3] Chapter 10: Contract With The Spirit King ago
[Vol 3] Chapter 11: Reward from the Divine Fox ago
[Vol 3] Chapter 12: The Crest of Truth ago
[Vol 3] Chapter 13: Benefits of Blessing ago
[Vol 3] Chapter 14: Back to Pharamville ago
[Vol 3] Chapter 15: Incomplete Spirit ago
Valentine's Special: Zain & Fiore ago
[Vol 3] Chapter 16: Cursed Armor Pt. 1 ago
[Vol 3] Chapter 17: Cursed Armor Pt. 2 ago
[Vol 3] Chapter 18: Unexpected Treasure Pt. 1 ago
[Vol 3] Chapter 19: Unexpected Treasure Pt. 2 ago
[Vol 3] Epilogue: A Maiden's Dilemma ago
[Vol 3] Intermission 1: Saito the Hero King ago
[Vol 3] Intermission 2: Hidden Village of Elf ago
[Vol 3] Intermission 3: The Black Wing ago
[Vol 3] Side Story 1: Summoner Lou ago
[Vol 3] Side Story 2: The Underground Dungeon ago
[Vol 4] Prologue: The Academy Arc ago
[Vol 4] Chapter 1: The Familiar's Debut ago
[Vol 4] Chapter 2: Professor Naoki ago
[Vol 4] Chapter 3: Best Friends ago
[Vol 4] Chapter 4: King of the Barn ago
[Vol 4] Chapter 5: The Traumatic Bath ago
[Vol 4] Chapter 6: Birth of Untouchable Queen? ago
[Vol 4] Chapter 7: Standard Classes ago
[Vol 4] Chapter 8: The Transfer Students ago
[Vol 4] Chapter 9: Commoner & Aristocrat ago
[Vol 4] Chapter 10: Mysterious Power ago
[Vol 4] Chapter 11: Grey Matter ago
[Vol 4] Chapter 12: Unexpected Event ago
[Vol 4] Chapter 13: Evolution ago
[Vol 4] Chapter 14: Explosive Penguin ago
[Vol 4] Chapter 15: The Grand Chase Prequel ago
[Vol 4] Chapter 16: The Grand Chase ago
[Vol 4] Chapter 17: Viva la Lizardkin ago
[Vol 4] Chapter 18: Encounter ago
[Vol 4] Chapter 19: Marshal Dadrian ago
[Vol 4] Chapter 20: Plan B ago
[Vol 4] Chapter 21: Noble Sacrifice ago
[Vol 4] Chapter 22: One Step Towards Girlhood ago
[Vol 4] Chapter 23: Dodging Galore (Part 1) ago
[Vol 4] Chapter 24: Dodging Galore (Part 2) ago
[Vol 4] Chapter 25: Dancing Lesson?! ago
[Vol 4] Side Story 1: Angie's Past ago

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This is an original story written by me. This is the story of a youth who was reincarnated as a female elf in the world of Halkeginia, a world based on the popular series, Zero no Tsukaima. The concept in this story is based on multiple popular novels, animes and games; such as the elemental laws from Coiling Dragon, the monster evolution from Re:Monster, the Soul Fusion from Tales of Zestiria, and so on. This story also contains crossover from many other series, you might even see your favorite characters in this Fiction. Give this Fanfic a try and prepare to have your mind blown!

  • Overall Score

Its really good, great pacing, concepts and characters. Even with the combined contents of the other series it doesn't come off as forced. Author blend it in naturaly. I rate 4/5 i would have rated 5/5 but RRL ruined me, most novels here are very dark so this series in comparison is way too flowery.

  • Overall Score

I generally don't like stories that are based in a world from another story, since it is usually done poorly. This story does it in a way that doesn't feel awkward when reading it, which is nice :P



  • Overall Score

Love the story so far

I watch the anime of Zero no Tsukaima so I'm a little familiar with some of the character and the environment so I'ts very interesting to read hope you continue this story till the end.

Good Luck !!