Accidental  Monstrosity  (subject to change)

Accidental Monstrosity (subject to change)

by draco5666

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

While walking home one day along the road near the edge of town i saw a truck that seemed to be heading towards me. Naturally I moved out of the way only to see the truck seemed to follow me, then i saw the cab light was on and the truck was empty...... is truck-san coming for me!? As the many ideas ran through my head, I watched as the grill came closer, however just before it hit me i felt a push from the side only to meet the eyes of a scared girl as she pushed me out the way. while i was stumbling back i could hear the splat sound as she was hit instead of me. Suddenly I felt a falling sensation only to notice the girl did push me out the way of the truck..... right over the guard rail to the cliff. Well lets see if i still meet some kinda gods after all.

( my third story attempt. pardon the grammar and what-not)
(current planned content uses things/characters from Bioshock/ Generator rex/ Prototype. These are the only ones planned so far)

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