V2 Chapter 10


A low, deep rustle sound suddenly appeared. Immediately the nosiness in this place ceased. Everyone’s eyes were stunned as they took in the sight of where the large men used to be.

Ten frozen statues appeared with no explanation.

Even the chilliness coming from it waved through the place, like a hand of a death god, grabbing along the people’s spines. Cold, terrifying.

A moment later, the surrounding circle immediately pulled back as though they had seen a ghost.

Quite a number of people recovered soon after and their shocked gazes swept toward the back of Rain while they walked toward the city’s gate. Waves of chills rose in their hearts as they recalled the strange scene from earlier.

They no longer dared to emit even the slightest sound, afraid that the unusual scene from earlier would happen to their bodies. After all, even though this is clearly murder, no one would dare care about it, nor point towards the culprits. This is in front of the Desolate Region, where the hands of the Kingdom barely reached. Even if the soldiers and guards tried to investigate, with no clear evidence, they would not dare do anything inside this place.

The law here was obscured as a ghost, only power reigns everything.

Besides, the one who did it first was them, and one can even be said that they only reap what they sow.

Who told them to run their mouths off and insult an expert...?

Death is a light revenge!

This strange situation swiftly spread along this human chain. Numerous gazes of astonishment quickly glanced at Rain, who was slowly walking toward the city gate, all while having an indifferent and casual expression as if nothing had happened. Even if no one clear saw or notice anything, every person in the vicinity knows that he was the one who had made a move. If not, they would be idiots with pea-sized brains.

Everyone hurriedly took a couple of steps back wherever he passed.

Snow Breath—

Only Ice and Snow type monsters and magic users possess such abilities. Snow Wolf and Rain’s casual appearance—even idiots would surely connect the dots.

However, the real problem is…

They didn’t feel anything such as fluctuation of mana or activation of magic skills!

Could this young man who appeared less than twenty years old be such an expert?

Rain ignored the surrounding shocked gazes as they walked toward the city gate. He immediately headed for a purple door at the entrance. There were over a dozen large men in a pale-yellow armor standing extremely straight there.

The powerful auras that were emitted from their bodies caused the people queuing by the side to be afraid to approach. They could only depressingly wait for the human flow by the side to slowly advance.

Furthermore, there was a human boy who wore tattered clothing, a female beast equipped with armor and a dwarf who was accompanied by a small boar-like beast. The person who wore a robe might be a magician, and the guy with a big wagon might be a merchant.

Rain looked around while seeing the line moving slowly.

Further up ahead, a soldier who was equipped with armor just like a town's guard was checking something like an identification card. Besides that, they also checked the luggage in the wagon briefly.

Rain slowly advance as time passed by. And finally, it was his turn.

Rain stopped in front of the purple door while being observed by the surrounding gazes. The ten plus fully armed men suddenly shot their sharp eyes over.

The soldiers watched them approach, then after, one of the soldiers walked towards him. The feeling of tension spread to the surroundings as the soldier approached Rain.

“Yaa~. Are you an adventurer? Sorry, but could you show me your guild card or identification papers?”

Adventurer? Hmm…

“Good day sir, I am a traveler. I have only just recently, arrived in this area and so I have neither a guild card or identification papers you speak of…”

Upon hearing Rain’s answer, the guard’s eyes swept over Rain’s body with a stunned expression. A moment later, he waved his hand and politely said with a smile, “This mister. May I know your name? Which faction are you related to?”

“Cloud Storm, a free person.” Rain faintly replied.

In fact, these couple of days, there have been many people who arrived in the city without proof of their identity. With many kinds of reasons, some were hiding their identities.

In this border city, criminals or not, everyone is free to go in or out of this city. As long as they didn’t commit any crimes or disturbance within the city walls, even if they were the worst criminals in the world, they can walk in the city sideways!

Laws and Order of the kingdom are extremely thin in this part of the continent, and although there is still restriction it most inclined to orders—however, what prioritize in this city was power and authority…!

If you don’t have both, then you will just become a cannon fodder!

Surely, this youth in front of them will definitely be the same.

But as a gatekeeper, it’s their duty to check every people who would enter the city.

“I see… mister Cloud, I think that you have also come to the Buzzling City because of the auction right?” The eyes of the guard flickered slightly as he laughed after hearing Rain mention his name.

Auction…? What auction…?

Oh well, whatever…

“Yes.” Rain randomly nodded. He immediately frowned and asked, “May I enter? Though I want to visit the adventurer’s guild and register first.”

“Ke ke, naturally, you may…” The guard hurriedly nodded his head. His manners changed completely and he became very polite. It was so sudden that it felt out of place.

But Rain didn’t really care about it so he just ignored it.

After paying a fee of 10 silver coins as a penalty for having no identification cards including Alba’s entrance fee which was 5 silver coins for every beast, he passed through the opened gate while feeling the stares from the people in the line.

Besides that, the place was filled with people and several large wagons going in and out. Along the edge of the street, there were various stalls standing in a row, selling things like food, armor, accessories, strange items, and so on.

“Please enjoy and be careful mister Cloud…”

The guard bowed slightly before turning around to face another person.

“Thank you,” Rain said back before finally passing through the gates. It seems like, whatever happens outside the gate, the guards will overlook it even if they started killing each other—what a typical city, it is.

Well, I guess fights and death is extremely common in this location. Besides, mocking and insulting someone powerful compared to you will only put the blame on you—if you die as a result of such foolish actions; you are only to blame…!

A year ago, if Rain encountered such things, he would surely not resort to killing immediately but after experiencing battles and tribulations this past year gave him—Rain had somewhat matured and had gotten used to this world’s law, or rules in that aspect.

Just like what the saying goes, ‘When in Rome, do as Romans do!’

After entering, Rain was astonished by the scenery.

The bustle of the city formed a stark contrast to the austereness at the city gate.

Instead of being vertical, the castle walls sloped gently on the inner side.

One could see that these walls were constructed by piling a large number of stones over earthwork fortifications. There were steps in various places, allowing the castle walls to be easily mounted.

The rectangular stronghold occupied an area of roughly 10,000 square kilometers—though that was just baseless and amateurish measurement and not the least bit credible~

Seeing this, Rain was struck by a sense of deja vu, reminded of several residential neighborhoods and areas with singles apartments in his previous worlds.

The center of the stronghold was called a plaza.

Several hundred people, looking varied and funny as if they were in a costume party were currently gathered at the plaza. Most of the people were wearing helmets and ring mail while armed with spears and oval shields.

It was surely a marvel to look at, with medieval settings and fantasy people and creatures—one can’t help but feel being inside in those movies and animes widely known back in Earth.

“It’s splendidly packed to the gills … as expected of a large city, huh.”

Rain muttered absentmindedly.

The city, or rather a city that flourished because of the guild that managed the Desolate Mountain Range, had a variety of people living here, not only humans but also other races—however, aside from Demi-Humans, Rain noticed that there were only a few of those from Monster Races. And all of them, are treated terribly as slaves…

What a gross custom…

Rain felt heartache on seeing many children and people, treated as slaves. Sadly, he can’t do anything but look. The custom here is too out of his taste.

Oh well, for Rain who still had little understanding of the place, the explanation for the Buzzling City can only end here. He just arrived so his level of knowledge about it is still not high.

As for the people who enter the City, and continue to gain revenue from going quests inside the forest and mountain range to sustain their livelihoods, they are called adventurers. It is also Rain’s planned occupation.

In the overcrowded streets, all kind of races is there. Rain was working hard to walk through the cracks between people.

Dwarves, Gnomes, Beastmen, Hobbits......there are some normal citizens, and also people wearing gorgeous equipment. To a person who stayed in a cave surrounded by monsters and beasts, the streets of this city were filled with freshness and beauty.

Perhaps even just this simple crowd, Rain would surely not get tired of seeing it every day. Even this noisiness was a wonderful feeling in his heart, after all, he had grown up in a noisy and buzzing modern world.

The quietness of the cave was just hard to get used to—

Though being with Lafetti, Zarda and the rest warms my heart…

While thinking, Rain didn’t want to mention Alba’s menacing glares and the fact that his eyes were completely stuck onto the cute elves’ bodies—he still remembers his destination.

With such a happy mood, they continued walking on the main street until they discovered a signboard with a large sword drawn on it.

Blue-roofed building, sword imaged signboard with a big sign that said Adventurers Guild, indeed Rain’s destination—the Adventurer’s Guild.

[Adventurer’s Guild] is located in all of the cities, and has many branches. So it can be said that it’s a free organization, not fixed within one city.

Same as merchants that move around all the cities in the Continent to have business dealings, if an adventurer receives a job, he can go to other countries in this world. It means that he is not fixed to his home city.

From the beginning, adventurer Guild, aside as working place, also have another merit’s like if there’s a Guild branch in some cities, then by showing the Guild card, an adventurer can issue citizen ID in that particular Guild branch.

Although aside from Adventurer’s Guild, there were still many Guilds such as Merchant’s Guild, Alchemist Guild, Magician Guild, Mercenary Guild and many more—however, Adventurer’s Guild was the most famous of all the Guilds—being called as [ Jack-of-all-trades ] Guild.

Among Guilds, the Adventurer’s Guild had lesser restrictions and accepts many kinds of requests!

In other words, Adventurer’s guild was quite imposing.

After confirming the signboard, Rain stepped inside by opening the door with composure.

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Shadow Tyrant @Shadow Tyrant ago

Insanity pursues all, soon chaos will erupt from within people because chaos can be so peaceful and fun, People fighting their selves or others because of stupidity. Insanity is just dormant chaos inside the mind, once it’s released it will take the mind and start to appear physically. Chaos is some sort of conflict and peace. Darkness was the only thing to exists before everything else, something caused everything else appear. Why not chaos, everything is chaotic in a way, chaos created light to just cause conflict, these forms of chaos have been planted into people’s heads, that dark is evil and light is good, demons are evil and angels are good. Commit genocide on an entire species because you believe that they can only be evil, kill their newborns, their young children, the innocent because you don’t think they can be good because demons were always evil according to people, an species not worth existing, even though they most likely never did something wrong. That is chaos, chaos caused fear, pain, sorrow and death. Chaos is peaceful because it never does anything wrong, but the people touched by chaos blame it and not themselves. Chaos creates but also destroys unintentionally