WTF I'm a Dungeon!? (Dropped)

by Sir Nil

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content


This story has been more or less dropped, read if you want to. 

The mad necromancer falls defeated, in his final moments he cast a spell and broke reality. Opening a portal and allowing countless souls to enter the world.

They were reincarnated, born in new bodies and forced into a world unlike their own

A boy wakes up a prince, in a kingdom on the verge of ruin.

A girl finds herself on the cusp of madness, the voices torment her...

Another finds themselves in the ruins of a destroyed city, a wreckage of some ancient war, their body little more than bones.

This is the story of the one reborn as a dungeon. 



This is my first Web Novel so there may be some mistakes if you see any or have criticisms please comment on them.


I don’t own the cover art.

If you have any questions or suggestions about the story then feel free to come over to this discord channel I'm usually active and will try to answer your questions as fast as possible.



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Sir Nil

Sir Nil

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue - The Final Battle *OLD* ago
Chapter 1 - Did I just die? *OLD* ago
Chapter 2 - Skills! *OLD* ago
Won't be a chapter for maybe 2-3 ish days. Also authors rant to meet the character requirement ago
Chapter 3 - Tutorial *OLD* ago
Chapter 4 - Tutorial End *OLD* ago
Chapter 5 - Rewards *OLD* ago
Chapter 6 - Lottery Part 1 *OLD* ago
Side Story 1 - A New Boss *OLD* ago
Chapter 7 - Lottery Part 2 *OLD* ago
Update ago
Chapter 8 - How to make your Dungeon Part 1 *OLD* ago
Chapter 9 - How to make your Dungeon Part 2 *OLD* ago
Chapter 10 - What is Evolution? *OLD* ago
Chapter 11 - First Visitors *OLD* ago
Chapter 12 - Who's there? *OLD* ago
Chapter 13 - Contract *OLD* ago
Chapter 14 - Do you want Poison A or Poison B? *OLD* ago
Chapter 15 - Haha you get both b*tch! *OLD* ago
Chapter 16 - Time to choose! *OLD* ago
Chapter 17 - Is it strange to talk to a rock? *OLD* ago
Chapter 18 - Finally the story is picking up speed *OLD* ago
Chapter 19 - The Guild has appeared! *OLD* ago
Chapter 20 - The answer is obvious. *OLD* ago
Chapter 21 - Interlude: A Wolf and Grey? *OLD* ago
Chapter 22 - The One R**** to Rule Them All! *OLD* ago
Chapter 23 - Of Ants, Shrooms, and Vines *OLD* ago
Chapter 24 - Just eat more fruit! *OLD* ago
Chapter 25 - Have you read the Side Story? *OLD* ago
Chapter 26 - Time to prepare. *OLD* ago
Chapter 27 - A god with admin *OLD* ago
Chapter 28 - BOSSES! *OLD* ago
Chapter 29 - Obligatory Adventurer POV *OLD* ago
Chapter 30 - All good fights should have a nice buildup *OLD* ago
Chapter 31 - The Art of creating the Perfect Hole *OLD* ago
Chapter 32 - Better get that cross ready mate *OLD* ago
Chapter 33 - Time to get serious *OLD* ago
Chapter 34 - There's something off about the titles. *OLD* ago
Chapter 35 - The stupid dungeon *OLD* ago
Chapter 36 - Finally, some intelligent conversation *OLD* ago
Chapter 37 - Their own seperate stories ago
List of changes and how to get your own character! ago
Changes! ago
*Update* I'm definitely NOT NOT NOT going on Hiatus. ago
1.1 Let's get this shit started ago
1.2 Infodump incoming ago
1.3 Infodump after infodump? Hurry up and start the plot already! ago
1.4 I wonder how long I can make this infodump joke before people find it annoying. ago
1.5 Flip a coin. ago
1.6 Adventurer's Guild ago

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Hey there.

First off all, so far I find your story quite refreshing.

I left story and character score at 3.5 for now, because it is too soon into the story to tell how those compartments will develop, but so far they are quite solid.

Other than that:

I like your personal writing style, and how you don't seem to take everything too seriously, very much.

Your grammar is sadly not quite as good. Sometimes there are some words missing or there are a few spelling or grammar mistakes. Nothing too bad, and it doesn't distract from the story, but still it is a bit sad.

Lastly I hope, that you continue write this promising start, and keep it up.

PS: if you EVER think of dropping this story due to management problems or writers block, PLEASE leave a message or a note, so we readers don't wait for something that NEVER comes.


pretty good up to chapter 37

So far so good, why waste time rewriting the whole thing when making slight changes over time would befine. well I guess we will see another chapter in 6+ months.