3D/2D: I Got Sent to a Fantasy World and Turned into an Anime Character?!

by swordstriker21

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Romance Harem
Isaac John L. de la Cruz is just your average run-off-the-mill male with a slight(?) inclination towards Otaku culture. He never even imagined anything special or outrageous would happen to him and just lived a relatively peaceful, if a tad bit mundane life.

Problem was, it did. He gets transported to another world for one. And he turns 2D!

Will he ever find a way back home? And even if he did… would he even want to?…

*A comedic fantasy story with a touch of MMORPG and a dash of romance. And, just maybe, a bit of drama(?)...

You have been warned...
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  • Overall Score

I would recommend this. It's pretty good. I wonder what would what happen in the future. I hope the mc becomes strong.

  • Overall Score

I will be following this one

But you need to make Ice stronger, he has been saved 3 times already and he has only kill mobs and mini bosses so far, no boss nore challenging foe.
I hate quick OP development, but make him above average and able to stand alone pls ( ._.),,,

Also you have talent writing normal events and every days life, your 5 first chapters didn't have any fighting nore real drama and twisted plots, and I didn't feel bored, I even enjoy it =D

Write at your own pace and dont rush the story, I really like it so far!

  • Overall Score

Interesting and well thought out

Some use of Generic story elements but twisted in a unique way to make it interesting.


I have only one request... have MC have early wifu!!!! Have him married early on in the story hehehehehehehe MUAHAHAA. GRANT ME MY WISH!!


As for actually story Solid, and grammer is good. Length of Chapters is nice and there is a good amount of detail that describes the world and its characters very well.


Hoping for more.

  • Overall Score

A nice change of pace from all those I read out there

The MC isn't too much of a Gary Stu, which is good by the way.

I also like the references and how they were explained. As long as it doesn't go full BS or that the plot wouldn't go full 180degree without proper foreshadowing, I'm fine with that.

In conclision: Nice!