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A boy of questionable origin wanders out of the deep forest for the first time, to find the world far vaster than he could have ever imagined. 

Perhaps, he can find a place for himself here. And perhaps, he can uncover truths about himself, which he wouldn't have thought possible. But before that, he must learn to deal with the strange ways of the humans, with whom he isn't sure he shares as much as he'd hoped. 

When his first encounter with humans takes a turn for the worse, and his second even more so, he starts to realize that the life he's seeking might be more chaotic than he signed up for.


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Teal Sword

A story worthy of some Publicity so i'm writing this review for that purpose.

Still quite a new story so my review's score is subject to change but i feel its deserving of the 4* stars i have given it, Chapter 7 currently. The plots nice and fresh no hit by truck-san and reborn cliche beginning or cringy harem stories that are a dime a dozen. Pacing seems a bit fast but not overly so. Characters are realistic that have appeared but not that many have appeared so that might change (hopefully not). So overall a pleasant read which is getting more and more hard to find on royal road. By no means am i a professional reviewer or english teacher, you should take this review's rating but from a experienced reader.


I like this alot. It's very well written, I've seen no errors in sentence structure, spelling, or grammar. It has nice pacing as far as I can tell so far. No annoying cliches (though it is giving of a little bit of a "chosen one" vibe, which I'm okay with). The main character is three dimensional from the start, and I have high hopes that will ring true for side characters as the story progresses. If the author continues to go on the track he's going, I don't doubt that this story will find it's way to publication. Keep up the good work!


Really well written, great characters, great story

Absolutely incredible story.  The author breaths this tale to life with beautiful descriptions and really realistic dialogue, giving us characters that we can relate to and root for until the end of time.  The relationships between the characters are so strong, and the story itself is really rich and really grabbing.  The pacing is faster than I'd like, but I'm fine with that.  As Teal Sword said, this one really does stand out from all the others.  I'm very much looking forwards to getting further aquainted with this protagonist.