As i walk through the forest i saw something shining from a distance.

"That must be a Red Grass," I said to myself,

"Looks like i found my first Red Grass of the night!" I said to myself running towards the Red Grass,

As i grabbed and stuffed it in my magic bag with infinite capacity to store anything which even i was surprised that i even have, went to find even more Red Grass.

But things didn’t look easy as the Wolf Fangs are attractive to the sent of Red Gras which getting one is harder than it looks, but when inside the Magic Bag i have they won’t smell it at all.

As i keep on collecting more and more Red Grass and writing each one i collect in my notebook, more and more Wolf Fangs are appearing.It’s only a matter of time before i have to fight a Wolf Fang and i sure don’t want a fight in this current situation since Wolf Fangs are very active during a Full Moon.

While Exploring the Forest with Glee and a bit of annoyance, i found one of Edwards traps. It has caught a Wolf Fang and looks like it wants to break free but the aroma the Red Grass produces kept the Wolf Fangs docile. I simply ignored and continued my search.

For sometime i found more and more Red Grass and lesser Wolf Fangs. Thinking this has became easier i thought that something’s going on but i simply ignored that and continued my search. I found more and more of Edwrads Traps and a Wolf Fangs or two is caught and i simply ignored them and went back to searching and gathering like im supposed to do and i want to sleep.

"Looks like this is the hundredth Red Grass," I said to myself as i put the Red Grass in my Magic bag and writing down the number in the notebook,

"And Two-Hundred more to go... great," I said to myself,

As i continued my search for Red Grass even deeper in the Forest i found another one of Edwards traps. Since Red Grass glows during Full moon avoiding Edward’s trap was easy but surprisingly, this trap wasn’t attracting any Wolf Fangs.

"Weird, this is supposed to work but it hasn’t caught anything," I said to myself,

"Meh, not that i care," I said to myself while proceeding to continue my search,

As i went even deeper in the Forest i found more and more Red Grass and more Wolf Fangs as well. Im amazed that this part of the Forest is where high level monster live, maybe someone was here and took care of them for a request. 

Then the only thing that i don’t want to happen happened. I felt an ominous presence behind me. It was Ogre. The Ogre wasn’t looking at me nor did it notice me... Probably. I mesn, i am small and cute right? No make sense theres no cover for this damn book anyways.

Ehem anyways. As the Ogre walked forward, i stepped out of its way and used <Stealth>. Even if it’s a little late, maybe a while late, or even too late i used it since he might not notice me. Then he looked at me. I knew i shouldn’t have done that.

As the Ogre and i stared at each other the moment was broken when the Ogre simply ignored me and went to wherever he was going to to. Phew, lucky me.

As the Ogre walked towards where he was going i went to the opposite direction. Good thing that Ogre had something important to attend.

When the Ogre was finally away from me, i continued my original purpose here and gather even MORE Res Grass... this night is just dreadful in many so many ways... haaaa, maybe i shouldn’t have taken this request.


"Finally Im all done," I said to myself,

"Thank God i can finally leave this forest," I said to myself,

"And i should be able to head home since this part of the forest isn’t that dangerous and deep," I said to myself as i went outside the Forest,

When i was near the entrance of the forest i heard a dog squeal. It suprised me at first but quickly went towards the direction i heard it from. There i see Three masked men with a Wolf Fang that was fully armored and one man was trying to attach muzzle to the Wolf Fang.

"Tsk this damn dog!" The first man said kicking the Wolf Fang in the face,

"Shut it! We don’t any attention and we’re running out of time," The second man said looking around him,

"C’mon, whats the fun in that? I wanted to at least kill someone before leaving this place," The third man said after pulling out a knife and throwing it at a three.

The three was clearly planning something with that Wolf Fang, and by the looks of it, it’s hot them who thought of this. It was planned by someone else.

As the man was done attaching the muzzle to the Wolf Fangs all three went deeper into the forest. Great, my first enemys. Three old farts, one has a nasty attitude, one was serious and the other one is another plain killer... Great. Well not that i care.

As i was walking towards the South Gate i found the guards sleeping like total idiots. So i simply went past them.

"Geez, with people likes this how are they able to protect the Kingdom like that," I whispered to myself,

"Not that i care," I said looking up to see both of the guards snoring. I simply ignored them and went home.

As i was walking down the streets with no one there since it’s probably midnight, i found that the house still has lighting. It’s Saki thats still awake. Please, Please don’t be awake.

As i opened the door and shut it gently. I then looked left and right to see if Saki was there but i saw her in the dining table passed out. I went towards her and she kept mumbling to herself 'Hayato gimme back panties you pervert' in a cute voice.

I simply got a blanket and placed it at her and saying goodnight. I went upstairs, jumping to my bed since i was up all night. 

"Hello Bed and Goodnight," I said while stretching my arms and legs wishing for a better tomorrow.

*The End*

A note from David Vg

Good news, i’ll be able to upload a lot this week since school got work to do and i don’t. Don’t ask the reason why and im happy about it. At least i can work so i don’t get bored.

-David Vg

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