After searching for Red Grass in the forest for hours i have not found a single one.

"Haaaa, i’ve been walking for hours and i still haven’t found a single Red Grass," I said to myself,

As i walked even deeper in the forest i found Edward. He looked like he was setting up a trap. I then went towards him and said hello.

"Yo Edward!" I said waving towards him,

"..." He looked at my direction and simply ignored me,

"Still ignoring me i see," I said being a little irritated, 

"Any ways, what thats?" I asked,

"..." He stood up and explained it to me,

"It’s a trap that captures anything that step on it," He said,

"I placed Red Grass in the center in order for it to attract Wolf Fangs," He added,

I whistled and went towards it. I figured that Edward’s the type who plans things put before putting them in action. So i asked if there are even more deeper in the forest.

"Sooooo, how many did you set up in this forest?" I asked,

"There are 13 in the forest and another set even deeper," He added,

I knew it.

"It’s amazing how you can make this under a day!" I said,

"And i can’t even find a damn Red Grass at all!" I added,

"If you’re finding Red Grass then search at night. They illuminate when the moon is full and today a, full moon will happen," He said,

"I was looking for Red Grass as well since i needed it for my trap to work properly," He added,

"What? Really!" I said in joy,

"Alright! I better get going and prepare," I said,

"Thanks Edward!" I added, expressing my gratitude to Edward,

"..." Edward waved at me and went deeper in the forest,

As i was exited from what Edward told me, i immediately ran towards the kingdom and went home. Saki asked what had happened from the guild and i simply said that i had a job at midnight!

Saki was happy to learn about this and said not to cause any trouble and i went upstairs preparing for tonight.


After leaving the house and heading straight towards the forest, i stopped for a second and checked if i brought everything.

"Magic bag check, two daggers check, notebook and a pen check, Two smoke bombs check, Saki’s panties... Check," I said to myself,

"Hehehe i got her this time, by know she’s probably panicking hehehe," I said in a low tone of voice and made a devilish smirk,

Take that you bitch!

I then proceeded towards my destination the Forest near the kingdom. Technically the forest is literally the southgate of the kingdom making it a nice farming location for newbie adventurers. Not that i care since i can take care of myself pretty well.

"Looks like got everything i need for this night, and tomorrow’s the deadlin so i better get going!" I said after entering the forest.

"The night is till young so i better get cracking!" I said while running towards the forest.

*To Be Continued*


A note from David Vg

I made this into two parts since i was tired and had school and work to do tomorrow and i wanted this to be a single chapter, but can’t be picky. Anyway i better go to sleep so goodnight everyone. And yes i sleep at 7pm during mondays. Sometimes.

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