After the guards are done asking questions, they decided to leave and arrest the three thugs that were still unconscious and left the guild.

"Phew that was close, Thanks Edward!~" Rose said,

"..." Edward nodded,

"Oh and also, Ummm, what’s your name?~" Rose asked,

"Hayato, Hayato Hibiki!" I replied,

"What a lovely name Hayato-kun, Im Rose Mary nice to meet cya~" She said,

"Oh right!" I said jumping on top of the counter and pulling the request i took from the board,

"I would like to do this request," I said,

"Ah the Request the Noble wanted," She said,

Noble? Come to think of it, what did he requested.

"The request from the Noble are available for all the Ranks and will gather 300X Red grass," She said,

"Oh and also the deadline is tomorrow morning~." She said,

"..." Edward glared at me,

Well thats a lot. I wonder what the Noble wants with that. And Edward sure is creeping me out with all the silent treatment.

Just then, a loud burst can be heard from the entrance of the guild. The person who stood in the door was a handsome young man with his long silver hair glittering as he entered the guild, while two guards are beside him. He dressed in all white from head to toe. His eyes are blue with a pimple near his left eye.

"Make way peasants!" He angerly said,

"Baron Von William is in the house!" He proclaimed his name,

This guy thinks his some kind big shot just because he dresses fancy. And by the looks of it he might be this Volumes Antagonist! Not that i care.

He then walked towards Rose and slammed both his hands in the counter.

"Lady how long will it for an adventurer to do my request!" He said,

"It has been a week since i stated that and nobody is willing to do my bidding," He said,

"..." Edward glared at him without being noticed by the two guards,

Rose is looking calm like usual. I thought she would fret a bit and be in a little more panic. She is explaining the situation to the noble. Then the noble looked at me.

"This kid is the one who took my request?" He asked,

"Yes~" Rose Replied with a big smile,

"Hmph! All this adventurers and you let a kid handle this situation," He said,

"Whatever. Hey you," He said and glared at me,

"You better get those Red grass by tonight, got that!" He said,

"Don’t worry, i’ll be done by tonight!" I said,

"You better be. Where leaving." He said while walking towards the door,

"Looks like he left~" Rose said in a low tone of voice,

"Yeah and what a bad attitude he has," I added,

"Hehe thats not a way to talk to your client Hayato-kun~"

"But he wont be my client once im done," I added,

"He ordered another 300 Red grass a week ago," Edward said,

"He’s planning something with those." He said and went to the Quest Board,

"Sure... Ah i better leave and collect those Red Grass, See yah Rose!"I said while waving goodbye to Rose,

"Come back safely ok~" She said while waving her hand,

This is just the beginning of my story.

*The End*









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