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After saying goodbye to Alex and Aaron, i went to the receptionist where the beast-kin was.

Her name is Rose Mary. She is a beast-kin and a Feline as well. She is  considered the best of the three and also an airhead, but remains calm during her job. 

But has one flaw and thats Edward Forscythe. He is a mysterious man who has nothing to lose. Well thats what they call them him anyway. 

Edward Forscyte was found by Rose after traveling in the River near the village. She quickly aided him and took him at a church to heal his wounds. He thanked Rose for her kindness and said that he would be his bodyguard from know on. Rose was shocked and declined at first but he said it is a vow he made.

And know he protects Rose from trouble makers in the Guild. Rumors says that whenever someone tried courting with Rose, they disappear. The day after that they reappear only to go to another receptionist.

Everyone thinks it is his doing but i don’t. Why? Well i happened to come across him when i took (forced against my will by Saki) in the forest nearing dusk.

*Flashback few weeks ago*

"This sucks!" I said whimpering around the forest with a stick in hand,

"Why the heck do i have to walk in a forest!" I said,

"That Damn Bitch!" I said Cursing Saki while walking deeper in the forest,

As i was walking deeper into the forest, i felt something was watching me. Since i had no ways of fighting it, i proceeded to slowly turn left and made a U-turn. It didn’t like it and pounced on me. It was a Wolf Fang that was stalking me. It pinned me down in the ground making me unable to get up and wounding me with its claws on my shoulder. Luckly the stick i had previously came in handy and i poked it in its eye letting me go and taking a step back.

The wolf fang staggered and proceeded with caution. Then it howled. There, Three more wolf fangs appeared behind him. They where hungry from the looks of it and haven’t eaten in day, but the worst part is im stuck in this situation thanks to that stinky woman!

"Oh im sooo getting her after this one!" i said as i ran the opposite direction,

The other wolf fangs started chasing me down. I was faster than them but there where Two of them waiting from a brush if i ever managed to get this far. Clever i give them that, but not enough to outwit and outrun me.

"<Windy Step>" I said activating my skill in order to boost my speed,

But then one of them pounced in me. But i managed to dodge it in time, but, I didn’t hear nor felt its presence. It was an Elite Wolf Fang. The Alpha made its appearance. The Alpha doesn’t want me too leave, and its waiting for the others to catch up.

The two wolf fangs are also with the Alpha since they where both the closest.

"Looks like i have no choice," I said, bringing out a piece of paper and a pen. My appearance schanged to my original form with a puff of smoke where i am back to my previous form where i regained proper height, weight, strength, speed, and power.

"Secret technique, <Incinerate>" I said writing the word 焼け付 in the paper i took out.

I took the paper and placed it in my palms. I clenched my fist where the paper was and crushed it. But the paper burned instead. Then i took a stance and waited for them to attack me since this technique is used only for defending.

Moments passed by when all the wolf fangs are together. They encircled me and attacked me at the same time.

Then and arrow flew into the Alphas eyes dropping it to the ground. The other didn’t hesitate and i continued my attack.

The wolf fangs where all burnt and no damage was deat to the surroundings since i focused this only to burn those around me and nothing else.

Then a shadow appeared behind me. The one who shot arrow was a young man with white hair covering his left eye. His right eye was color red so his left eye presumably is also red. He also has pale skin, wears a red coat and has a bow.

"Thanks man," I said my gratitude,

"..." He stayed quite,

"Ummmmm, ok"

The moment lasted until another howled was heard.

"Wolf fangs hunt during night time we must seek shelter," He said breaking the silence,

"S-Sure," I stuttered, and i went back to my chibi form which he doesn’t seem to mind.

He offered me assistance from my wound but i declined and went with him. Night time falls and we managed to get back to the Kingdom’s South Gate. Saki was waiting at the entrance of the forest and was worried.

"Hayato!" She screamed after setting her sights at me,

"Yo!" I greeted her,


"Why didn’t you come back before dinner! I was so worried about you, and whats with that woud?!" She said while checking my wounded shoulder,

"I had a run into some trouble with a few Wolf Fangs so i took care of them," I said,

"Oh and also he lead me back to the Kigdom as well, There where some Wolf Fangs and Goblins along the way and where a little late hehe," I said,

Saki was glad that i was safe and the man next to me bid farewell with a filck of his hand.

"Thanks dude!" I bid farewell as well,

"Ah! I forgot, What’s Your Name?" I shouted at him,

"..." He stopped in his tracks and turned around,

"Edward Forscyte" he said,

"Thats a nice name you got there dude," I complimented,

"Names Hayato, Hayato Hibiki nice to make your acquaintance!" I said,

"..." He made a smirk and turned around going back to the forest.

"You sure he’s gonna be ok Hayato?" Saki asked,

"Don’t worry he’ll be fine," I replied,

"You do know that’s not a proper answer right?" She nagged,

"Here we go again." I said as we both went to our house.

*End of Really Long Flashback*

The man who hunted Wolf Fangs since a few where burnt. Yep, that’s a fitting title. Good thing flashback only happened in a 'Flash' hehe get it? No ok ;-;...

Joke aside, lets go to miss receptionist number three, Rose Mary.

I went towards the counter where miss Rose Mary is and saw three thugs ganging up on her. I used my skill <Stealth> To get near them without being noticed.

"Come on give us a discount already,"

"Theres plenty for everyone right guys,"

"Yeah, you would’nt want this to happen you know,"

"Ah guys settle down please this has a logical explanation for this on why i cant give you a discount,"

I can’t make out there conversation from here and i need to talk to her so i can do this request. I went to the counter but before i managed to do it Edward came. His Aura makes him look intimidating but those three thugs doesn’t notice him.

Edward looked at me and i waved at him. He ignored me and went straight to where Rose is. Edward stood behind the thugs and they noticed him.

"Who are you?"

"Can’t you see where busy here!"

"Yeah, shes busy dealing with us!"


Looks like Edward’s angry. Edward and Rose looked eye to eye.

"What you two lover or something?"

No it’s just that Rose was telling the whole situation to Edward the whole time and those thugs ignored them.

"I see. Would you three gentlemen settle with your disputes or discuss if somewhere else." He said,

"Huh? Who the heck are you huh?" He said while pulling out a knife and pointed it at Edward.

The other two drew there weapon and pointed it at Rose. Rose looks very calm in this situation. There i decided to move under them since <Stealth> is still active.

Edward noticed me through his peripheral vision making sure not to give my position away and making sure they don’t look down either. I then took one of there ropes and tied there shoestings together.

I then walked in a straight line and left the other end of the rope in the floor. I then tied the other end of the rope to a pillar making sure it was nice and tight. And once i gave Edward the signal he kicked him pulling the other two down with him, and with other end of the rope i grabbed it and tied them all three together in a blink of an eye. Oh and also there unconscious since hit them in the head a couple of times

"Nice goin parther!" I said,

"..." He looked at me and Rose.

Rose looked calm after the situation and one of the receptionist called the guards and told them there where three thugs that was making a ruckus at the guild and isn’t leaving one of our members alone. That convinced the guards to look and see what was happening.

The guards started asking people as witnesses and asked both Rose what had happened. She mentioned me but the guards didn’t believe them and so they thought it was Edward.

Can’t blame them thanks to this disease and it’s only the start of the day good grief.

*The End*












A note from David Vg

I changed my style and a Poll whether or not you prefer it this way, or not. Well cast your vote since it’s saturday and i have a long day tomorrow. And yes the japanese there was searched from the net.

- David Vg

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