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Chapter 2 know revamped and longer as well. This took me an hour since my ipad suddenly died on me and had to repeat EVERYTHING i wrote. Well anyways, Happy reading!

-David Vg

After running from quite sometime, I arrived at the guild and entered. There i saw many adventurers with very shiny equipments. I then went to the receptionist and asked where the guild master is. She handed me out a map and told me where to go saying 'Don’t get lost kid'.

I then took a look at the map and gived it back to the receptionist. Then told her that i memorized it and thanked her.

I hate being called a kid just because i look like one i am not. It’s because of this disease that i got for some reason. This disease is not lethal and only makes you look like a kid. Not that i care but still. Oh and also i memorized the map as well.

I then went towards to where the guild master is. I reached the door and knocked on the door. Hope that Airlia-san isn’t that angry.

"Come on in," A girlish voice said,

"Ah yes," I said,

I then entered the room where i took a sit facing the guild master. Although her chair is the only thing i could see.

"You are Hayato Hibiki am i correct?" She asked,

"Yes i am," I replied,

"You know why i called you here. Am i right." She said turning her chair towards me.

There i saw a beautiful elf who has Red hair and blue eyes. She had pale skin and wore a white robe. 

"Y-Yes!" I said,

"Good, that saves me the time from explaining everything to you," She said,

"As you can see i called you since you where inactive for the past two months," She said,

"If you where to stay inactive for a week, your Adventurers I.D. will be terminated," She said

"Thus forcing us to reduce your rank to Rank F," She said,

I was inactive for two months?!And when did i ever sign up as an adventurer?!

"Do have any questions you would like to be answered?" She asked,

"Yes, just one," I said,

"What was my previous Rank?" I replied,

"Your previous Ranking was S," She said,

"Such a shame you has to be demoted to the lowest rank," She added,

"Ahh yeah, t-thanks... i’ll be going know," I said hopping down the chair,

"Oh Hibiki," She said,

"Make sure to do a request or else i’ll have no choice but to exterminate your adventurers I.D." she said,

"Yes Ma’am!" I said,

"I put my trust in you Hayato. Do not fail me." She said,

I then left the room and went to th request board. All i see are extermination of certain monster, and gathering.

"Hmmmmm this one seems easy, i’ll take it," I said jumping to take the request of the board,

I didn’t take a look at the request i took and went straight to the receptionist table.

"Hey, did you hear about the top notch receptionists?" A boyish voice below,

"Yeah, i heard about them," Another boyish voice,

There conversation caught my attention and went directly below and said hi to them. They didn’t mind my appearance but they did aske who i was. I introduced my self and they did as well. There names was Alex and Aaron. They told me about the three receptionist that was top notch. 

As a fellow pervert i know how they think and i said that i prefer the airhead one. They think so as well and the three of us fantasized about them. Then i snapped out of my fantasy and said goodbye to the two. I made two friends today and it’s only the beginning.

*The End*



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