Hello My name is Hayato Hibiki and this is my story on how i became the Great Demon King. 

It all started one night when i had a strange dream. I woke up in a dark place where everything is black as far as the eye can see. There was utter darkness and not a shed of light.

I tried screaming but nothing came out. I even tried pinching my face too try and wake me up but didn’t work. As i tried wandering this place, i wondered if i was dead. Then i tried recalling something earlier.



A girlish scream can be heard from a distance.

"Hayato you Pervert!" The girl said using her hand to cover her skirt,

"Hehehe, you can never catch me!" The boy said running away from the girl,

"Get back here and give me back my panties!" The girl said chasing the boy,

As the girl went out and chased the boy of the house, they failed to notice a carriage when the crossed the street. As the girl was about to get hit by the carriage, the boy suddenly pushed her out of the way and the boy got hit, knocking him out unconscious.

*Back to dream*

That event was the i only remembered. Then i saw a small bright light illuminating from a distance. I tried going screaming for help but my voice can’t reach out. I tried going there as fast as possible but only to get swallowed again by the darkness.

The light vanished without a trace, leaving nothing but utter darkness yet again. Then another light appeared, this tim i didn’t hesitate and went towards it.

As i approached the light i felt anger, sadness and dread coming from it. As i tried figuring out what was the cause i suddenly woke up.

There, i was staring at a familiar ceiling. I then saw Saki in sleeping in chair next to me. It was home, home sweethome. I looked around my house and saw a man in white clothing standing at the door after opening it.

"Oh, looks like your awake," He said,

"Are you alright?" He asked,

"Yeah, im feeling fine," I replied,

"I see... well if you’re feeling better already i suppose you can thank your friend over there," He said looking at Saki,

"She stayed up all day looking after you and making sure you’re alright," He said,

"All day?" I asked,

"Yes, you where out cold for the whole day," He replied,

"What?!" I shouted in surprise,

As i shouted, Saki woke up from all the commotion.

"Huh? Hayato you’re awake!" She said,

"Thank God you’re safe," She said while giving me hug,

"Hey Saki, you’re choking me! Choking Me!" I said exaggerating due to Saki suffocating me,

"Sorry!" She said,

After that the man in white clothing laughed.He then introduced himself to me that he was a priest that was traveling to see the Pope and was sorry that the carriage he was riding ran into me. I thanked the Priest to express my gratitude. He then left the house saying it was quite alright.

After that Saki said that she was tired and left my room. Looks like she overworried her self. I then went back to sleep to recover. 

Then when i woke up it was utter darkness again. No light and my voice as well. I couldn’t hear nor see anything.

Then after a few moments a light appeared. I went to it again and this time it banished the darkness around me with a bang.

I can see the blue sky and fell the air. I could hear my voice again. But when i turned around, i found out that this is something out of a nightmare. 

I can see people being killer by somekind of Demon. His flaming sword burned the kingdom there was nothing i could do. Then a boy appeared in front of me. His face was covered with a mask and a hood, he wears all black and had a scythe in his back. He was ready to fight the demon.

The demon was terrifying and huge as well, i couldn’t see the reason why someone would risk there life fighting this monster.

He then disappeared and appeared behind the demon. The demon was wavering from that attack. The boy kept disappearing and reappearing time to time between his attack and the demon. 

Moments passed and the boy was victorious againts the demon and here i am doing nothing. The boy then lifted his sycthe at me. I was suppressed for some reason and couldn’t move. I thought to myself is this what death feels like. I didn’t waver nor did i fear death in that moment. In a blink of an eye i was dead.


I woke up from my nightmare and saw that it was morning. I went to the window and saw that the kingdom was still as lively as it is. I went downstairs and saw Saki preparing breakfast. Before she could notice i went and took a sit in the table and she looked behind with 'Something' in her hand.

"Ah Hayato, just in time for breakfast!" She happily said,

"I made this just for you to recover from your injury!" She said while placing 'Food' at my plate,

"This is edible right?" I asked as i poked my food with my fork,

"Don’t you be picky know and eat it!" She growled,

" I made sure to follow everything in the book," She said,

"But some ingredients weren’t available, sooooo i improvised~" She said,

"I hope the ingredients you used wasn’t poisonous" I whispered to my self,

"I heard that~" She said cracking a her hands,

Then a knock on the door broke the commotion and Saki went to get it. I think threw my 'Breakfast' out the window. 

I then went to sneak a peak at Saki’s panties when she was talking at the person at the door, only to get karate chopped in the face.

"Ouch! What did i d-" I said before getting interrupted of the aura Saki is emitting,

"What is going on here Hayato?" She asked,

"What is? I replied,

"This," She said after showing me a letter of warning,

"The guild sent you a letter of warning Hayato, do you know what this means?!" She growled at me,

"Don’t worry about it!" I said,

"I’ll go there right know," I said,

"Haaaa, fine! But you better go there or else!" She said cracking her hands,

"Ekkkkkk!" I said running off to the guild.

*The End*


A note from David Vg



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