I often thought, if I could go to another world, how amazing would that be?

But I know, the moment it turns real, the moment I consider that my reality, the dream will lose purpose.

This world is my reality, my life. What is the difference? Dreams don’t come with responsibilities, do they?

Reincarnating in a world like this made me happy of course, but this place isn’t merely a game anymore. It’s so much more.

I wanted to enter the books I read, I still do, but I know the magic is in the dream itself.




Tired, I close the book in my hand.

“Do you like to read?” Matthew, sitting by the table at my side as usual, asks me.

“Yes, I’ve always read a lot since young.”

It’s been almost a week since school started. Talking with nobles was a lot harder than I thought, so I spent the time between classes quietly reading in my seat. Matthew, also being a commoner, seems to be in the same situation as me and sometimes talks to me. Well, but I do know that he will be integrated in no time.

There are some more commoners aside from us, but it’s normally not a thing you can tell just by looking. Nobles, however, have been meeting other nobles at parties since young, and so some can actually tell us apart. The people of the student council also have information of every commoner.

“A story book, huh. I’ve never read much of those, now that I think of it. I’ve mainly read more technical books.”

“I see. From those I only find the magic books particularly interesting.”

Matthew will have top grades in our year at some point. Maybe I should compare my homework with his.

It’s not exactly that I have to avoid capture characters. Avoiding them would be pretty much impossible actually. I came to realize, somehow, it all connects to me. With the setting I was given it’s easy to run into game characters. Be it because we are in the same class, because I’m considered pretty enough to be hit on or because I need to be protected from bullying. My personality may differ from the original, but the setting can still force the story to somehow start. Matthew, for example, is impossible to avoid. I pass on getting involved with that one playboy though.

In a way, it’s ridiculous how many high-spec people the heroine gets to know in a row.

I notice the villainess stealing glances at me again and shrink back into my book. I’m starting to get scared. Let’s just say it’s my imagination.


I wish magic class would come sooner…




I always had an interest in magic, but when I gained memories of my past life that interest sky rocked. In a world of science, dreaming of magic at least once is a must. For me, as a fan of fantasy works, of course I have to try magic!

I must become proficient! I must become one with my element! If I had one more wish was that it was easier to learn!

I have been learning since young of course, but learning in this school is completely different. By the end of the game, both the heroine and capture characters were in a much higher level than in the beginning, allowing the heroine and her boyfriend to be able to pass a ‘last trial’ and overcome the boyfriend’s biggest worry.

I will become better to fulfill my otaku heart and for my future. Once I get a position on the Ministry of Magic just look how proud my parents will be!

As I was walking lost in thoughts I’m suddenly tripped, leading me to fall helplessly to the ground. Next to me a group of three girls start snickering.

“I heard she tried to make a pass on Michael.”

Between a playboy and a simple girl, who made a pass on whom again?

Is this world out to get me?

“My, a commoner should know her place.”

And like that they go away. Someone such as me has no backing. If you reincarnated as the villainess you would have your own share of problems, but at least you wouldn’t have to deal with this. I can’t simply go against a noble, so they don’t leave me many options. If they find a fault in me they could easily ruin me. Well, I do have some plans of my own.

I get up and keep going my way. Now it’s time for my must anticipated class. But I heard from people who already had magic class that the first class is just talking about safety. ╥﹏╥


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