Standing at the door of the magic academy with troubled thoughts, I think back to how it all began.

When I was six years old I came down with a high fever and was bedridden for days. During that experience I remembered my past life. That life was very different from my current one.

For one, magic didn’t exist but technology was rampant. I learned many things, from new games to play with friends to difficult stuff only adults concerned themselves with. In that life there was a form of entertainment called otome games and before I died I had just finished one of those, a game called Captive Hearts ~for you only~. In that game the commoner heroine, who possessed an uncommon magic attribute (light) and good magic aptitude, joins the magic school for nobles, where she meets the capture characters. Passing through various trials they get to know each other better and in the end hook up-- er, end up together.

It was a clichéd setting, but that too can be memorable in its own way. It was something I understood at the time.

It was a game that was praised for its well written characters and beautiful art. The good endings were satisfying overall and the bad ending were pretty amazing too, going all the way from sad to cruel or terrifying (a truly interesting read). The bullying the heroine went through was pretty mean though, and the villainess got on my nerves, thank god they didn’t give it much screen time or I may have thrown my console across the room…

My name is Sophia Andrews, that very heroine. With light pink hair and eyes, and braided hair on my left, a heroine on the cute side.

When I noticed, I told myself I would avoid all flags! Why? Because, well… It’s embarrassing! Knowing the romantic stuff that is going to happen to you is seriously too embarrassing! I may not be the original heroine, but thinking about all the things they could do to this body…! I can’t, I seriously can’t! If I was the villainess I could look past it, but like this is… Those CGs were really pretty you know? I remember them so well!

Also, do you know how scary those bad endings were? Do you really?! Should I really risk that?

But I don’t even think I can complete events as in the game. Triggering an event is easy, but to successfully complete it I would have to act like that innocent and klutz heroine and I’m not a particularly good actor. If I could act I could… ah nonono stop thinking already…! There my mind goes again…

That is why I must avoid embarrassing plot development!

And now it’s my first day of school, the opening ceremony to be exact.

I have lived a normal life until now, not meeting any capture character or person of note. No one would be able to guess I’m the heroine with the tools to mesmerize more than five men at once.

But, why I am calmly standing and contemplating in front of the school gate, which should be bustling with activity? That is because… I’m late.

I tried to get here on time! I really did! I left super early, but I live far from school and various stuff prolonged that time. Now, I’m in the same situation as the original heroine, I want to cry!

I don’t want to go in, I’m scared…  


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