The Reincarnated Heroine Runs from the Plot

The Reincarnated Heroine Runs from the Plot

by Rurin

If you were to be reincarnated as the heroine of an otome game, what would you do?

If it was me… I would be too embarrassed! Knowing the romantic stuff that is going to happen to you is seriously too embarrassing! But, thinking again, I would be a completely different person from the original heroine so unless I was good actor, even if I trigger an event, it wouldn’t go as in the game. Really, the heroine is many times so naive, how could a corrupted girl like me pretend to be like that? If I could act… aaah nononono my face is flushing already…

With such circular thoughts I stand at the door of the magical academy.

Having reincarnated as the heroine of the otome game ‘Captive Hearts ~for you only~’ I interact with troublesome ladies, unnamed characters and the dreadful capture characters, all the while avoiding flags and worrying about the lack of adult material on libraries.

“She is so innocent. I must protect her!”


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First off this is the best "Reincarnated as heroin; I gotta cut flags" story I've ever seen/read.


The MC doesn't just go will nillly following the capture targets like a lot of other novels when the idea is to run away.


I know I know, "Of course the MC would soon be caught by the capture targets, IT DEVELOPES THE STORY!". Guess what....IT DOESN'T!


Getting captured by the captured targets is just another way of the author saying, "Fuck it, I ain't got anything else."


The characters are extremely enjoyable because I have a ship to ride on.


The writing style is pretty good but there was like one spelling error every 6 or 7 paragraphs or stanzas.




All in all, this story gets a HOOHA out of 10.


well i must say i like it, i like this kind story