The Oath of Oblivion

by Notorious

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Rane had been cursed by fate, whisked away to the far end of the world to be tortured and broken. 

His body is frail and his mind is in shambles, memories sealed away by a curse he seeks to cleanse. He wanders foreign lands to reclaim what he has lost, armed with courage and a strong moral compass. 

But instead of answers, he finds chaos. A war that has lasted millennia ravages the land, shrouding the schemes of those that vie for power. Unending windstorms raze forests and castles alike to the ground and a new enemy rises from their dust, seeking to annul the Primordial Oath.

Can Rane survive amid this world's madness? Will he ever break free from the Oath that binds his destiny?

Only time will tell.


Cover art by Petros Stefanidis. You can see more of his work at:

The Oath of Oblivion Discord Server:

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I would say that this series isn't for the faint of heart - there's plenty of violence, along with some graphic depictions of torture and death.  But within that genre, there's a solid, quality story being told!  Multiple viewpoints add interest and suspense to each other as the story is doled out one chunk at a time.  I'm looking forward to continuing this series and seeing where it goes!

Quill Moniker

I'd like to come back for an advanced review.

The author lack's style but I believe that is due to the fact he's not writing in his mother tongue. However, his grammar is excellent, as are the characters he has introduced in the opening chapters. I am curious to learn more about Rane and instead of disliking his torturers I want to get in their heads.

I shall not comment on the story as the plot and content is sparse, but I expect that to change by chapter 10.


 It`s really well made so far. Interesting concept. I expect a lot from this novel. Cheers!


Its an Dark, Grim World

Its an hopeless world, yet people are fighting on to survive, to change the impossible. The war has been lost long ago, humanity is on the brink of defeat, with their foe being far more powerful, its an desperate battle.

What the author did with the Oath's, is just special, its so horrifying, so mysterious, yet also makes sense somehow. The plot is basically a grand mystery so far, and there are only bits that are connected to eachother revealed each chapter. Personally i find the plot so far a bit confusing due to the amount of mystery in the story.

Completely flawless grammar, i have not noticed a single problem with it.

The author conveyed the fact that this is a dark story very well with the writing style used. Also great use of multiple viewpoints so far, it doesnt become annoying.


Those who like dark Fantasy will like this.



A memorable reading experience...

This is one of the few books I can read with much pleasure and I don't even read that much, nor am I very into fantasy books.

I like the simultaneous development of the characters/unique races and the world around them, how the world is shown through their eyes, as well as the concepts introduced eg. the idea of an Oath. The characters are original and have their own perspectives and reactions to situations. My favorite character is Leylin. I would like to see more of him, his values, past, and interactions so that I'll be able to come to a fair conclusion regarding who he is. I am very pleased with the style and I would like some more in-depth insights on the characters. 

Well written, Mr. Author. :x

Lord Zaika

I am super critical, and I didn't feel like pulling out the few hairs I have left on my head when I read this fiction. Props for that. Supposedly it's a translated work, but it doesn't feel like that at all. The story has a nice mysterious vibe to it, drawing the reader in. It's almost written like a fantasy mystery, making you want to continue reading.


I still dont know what the tittle means.

Came for the cover . Stayed for the oath.