Sand (Hiatus-2/01/18)

Sand (Hiatus-2/01/18)

by MyGameForAHat

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

‘If you can survive the trials of treading a million nails, would you still go?

If you are willing to encounter death at every step, dreading the next, are you still willing to enter?

If you leave and experience the trials further still, would you do so?

If you find yourself being pursued by everyone and everything, chasing you down to the edge of the cliff, would you jump to certain death or fight back and be labeled as a monster?

You can choose whether or not you want to change your life right at this doorstep. If you do say no, then nothing will happen to you.

If you say yes, then your life will change. Succeeding will bring you great power. And if you fail, then you will be enslaved within Oblivion for eternity.

What is your answer?’

Tus heard the ancient voice that sounded like sandpaper as he stared at the altar with the land and sky frozen in motion. The words repeated themselves over and over again, forcing him to answer without the chance of taking it back.

Armed with a borrowed sword and cheap armor that looked like wood, he said aloud without hesitation, “Yes!”

The altar hummed, a green light flickered in the surroundings, and Tus ceased to exist.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Does Fresh Meat Taste Good? ago
Chapter 2: What To Do When You Are Stalked. ago
Chapter 3: Attention! I Have a Question, Would You Consider Drool Disgusting or Attractive? ago
Chapter 4: Something to be afraid of? ago
Chapter 5: Can Such a Feeling Be Defeated that Easily? ago
Chapter 6: How Can Such a Thing Exist! ago
Chapter 7: Eggs Make a Good Breakfast ago
Chapter 8: Some Rewards? Awesome! ago
Chapter 9: What Kind of Non-Fiction Includes Dragons? ago
Chapter 10: Follow Me into the Architectural Garden ago
Chapter 11: Where Were they Saying? ago
Chapter 12: Is everyone Angry or Scared? Make Up Your Minds! ago
Chapter 13: Okay... Can I have Four Bodyguards too? Particularly for Free? ago
Chapter 14: Concussions for the Win! ago
Chapter 15: Long... Explanations... Are Painful... ago
Chapter 16: First Flashback Ever! ago
Chapter 17: Bad Luck Comes In Three's ago
Chapter 18: Now, What Are Contracts Made For? ago
Chapter 19: The Titan of Darkness Versus the Eight Legged Freak ago
Chapter 20: With This Bowl of Ice Cream, I Proclaim thee Misfortune. ago
Chapter 21: Is That Rain? Why is it Sticky? ago
Chapter 22: Gross! Don't Tell Me! ago
Chapter 23: It Happened So Fast?! ago
Chapter 24: The One Thing to Possibly Solve All Problems ago
Chapter 25: Who Dares to Touch this Sanctity?! ago
Chapter 26: I Move So Fast that You Can't Touch Me! ago
Chapter 27: Hmm... Please. Go. On. ago
Chapter 28: The First Actual Rules, Go Represent Yourselves. ago
Chapter 29: Bring Out the Weapons and Blue Candles. ago
Chapter 30: Bandits and Hidden Schemes? Oh My! ago
Chapter 31: Trust Me. It is not the Seven Dwarves... ago
Chapter 32: Walking Around At Night in the Jungle ago
Chapter 33: Is it his First Actual Fight or Not? ago
Chapter 34: A Very Short Fight and Blunt Revelation. ago
Chapter 35: Walking and Talking in Third Person. Can it be Done? ago
Chapter 36: What to do When Harassed. ago
Chapter 37: When the Full Moon Rises ago
Chapter 38: A Glowing Forest with Danger! ago
Chapter 39: Captains, Leaders, and Regulars. Just an Overview. ago
Chapter 40: Oh the Unfairness! ago
Chapter 41: Battle Guidelines 001- You Have to Hit Them While They're Down! ago
Chapter 42: Explosion and the Worried Compatriots. ago
Chapter 43: The Final Boss! What is a Final Boss? ago

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It's painful to read but could be potentially good

Frankly the first chapter made me think that i would read about a powerful and charismatic mc but right now 7 chapter in and i only found that the mc is a weak and stupid pussy. 

Of course perhaps the author want to take his time in order to make the mc more believable and doesn't want to write about the mc becoming strong off the bat and that , frankly right now is the only reason i continue reading this story

So if you're the kind who like OP or SMART mc i don't think this story willbe for you. Of course if in the future chapter the mc change for the better i will come back and edit my review will asking forgiveness 


 Edit :

Like i said if i am wrong i will apologies.  I wasn't wrong. The story is SLOW at least the author made me understand that it was just a sort of warm up before the mc become truly strong

If you like story more based on world and characters building this story might be for you because even though the mc is still a dumbass he is surrounded by cool characters(well they are a little cliché  but cliché exist because they are good)