The Forest Emperor

The Forest Emperor

by Nevatrue

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Death means losing a piece of yourself.

Death means losing a part of your memory.

Death means losing precious life experiences.

Who a person is can be boiled down to their choices and experiences. When those experiences are whittled away, the person changes.

Through a cycle of death people are reborn and remolded.

Follow a disoriented young man jaded by repeated deaths and numerous betrayals. Watch how he discoveres the rules of the world and the hidden power therein.

Story contains magic, leveling, crafting, building and a system that can be interacted with at times.

WARNING: Contains graphic violence, sexual content and profanity.

Cover is a cropped wallpaper from Elderscrolls online

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Word Count (15)
Countdown Short Story Event participant
Top List #2000
5th Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter one: Introduction ago
Chapter two: Boon ago
Chapter three: Speculation ago
Chapter four: A Hermit’s pride ago
Chapter five: More questions, still no answers. ago
Chapter six: Tyrant look at the sky from his well ago
Chapter seven: There and back again. ago
Chapter eight: Can you quantify me? ago
Chapter nine: Lord of the forest ago
Chapter ten: It just won’t get any easier ago
Chapter eleven: Worldly pleasures ago
Chapter twelve: With deference ago
Chapter thirteen: Me, me and future me and this new guy ago
Chapter fourteen: The revitalization of civilization in the modern day jungle ago
Chapter fifteen: I’m a very busy man, you see. ago
Chapter sixteen: Can’t really say I know what I’m doing ago
Chapter seventeen: Can you see what I can’t? ago
Chapter eighteen: We need a team of researchers ago
Chapter nineteen: Burning bright. ago
Chapter twenty: Would you trust a glowing mythical sprite? ago
Chapter twenty one: Feathers don’t weigh much ago
Chapter twenty two: We could make a floating bed ago
Chapter twenty three: Slice mundane babbling ago
Chapter twenty four: You can’t trust anyone these days. ago
Chapter twenty five: The heart wants what the heart wants ago
Chapter twenty six: We all make mistakes, don’t judge. ago
Chapter twenty seven: Why all this yelling? ago
Chapter twenty eight: I’m walking on Cen-shine ago
Chapter twenty nine: Indifference overwhelms you ago
Chapter Thirty: The sweet taste of ago
Chapter thirty one: Energy wave ago
Chapter thirty two: Professionals ago
Chapter thirty three: Subjects do as their told. ago

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It's rough in the edges but it's quite good and readable.


Definitely rough but it has its charms

Reviewed at: Chapter thirty two: Professionals

I enjoy the flowing, airhead kinda storytelling if it’s done right. A good example would be  „the Aeon Tree“ Isekai. If you work on when to turn it up and when to turn it down you should find a style that works really well for your story. 

Unfortunately at the moment it’s all over the place to be honest and sometimes a little bit of structure would do a lot of good for this story. It happened quite often that there was a time skip/scene skip and I got confused because it was neither shown clearly in text or indicated by paragraph structure. Definitively work on your formatting. It’s not a lot of effort and doesn’t need to be perfect but as I mentioned before, structure will do wonders for you. 

I also feel like you lose a lot gravity you could give your story if u had it deal more heavily with the memory loss. Maybe give a prologue of Mcs first few deaths or something, this could give it a serious edge but at the same time guide it to the Mcs current State of being and his more lighthearted  /lowkey crazy Character. 

Nonetheless while this story has a lot to improve on it was still a fun read and I am excited to see what is to come  


ps.: feathers are naturally hollow.